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PayPal Support Text Scam

PayPal, being one of the most tested and confidential digital payment online platform with over 25 million active account bearers in the UK alone is also not left out from the ways scammers tend to use. Recently, there was a surprising news that enthralled the British nationals was nothing but a PayPal support Text Scam. […]

Top 5 Red Flags – How to Easily Identify Scam Websites

What’s not to love in a sale, you get those lovely outfits, bags, shoes you have been saving all year for at a PRICE SLASH with some extra to get yourself something nice alongside and the gadgets are definitely something to die for. From home owners to tech gurus, people cannot just say no to […]

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Romance Scams

Today we will be sharing important facts you Need to Know About Romance Scams and how to avoid these scams as soon as you see them. Trust us, anyone can be lured into this particular type of Scam if you are not well informed. Just incase you are hearing about Romance Scam for the very […]

Scam: Top 5 warning signs to look out for in any Investment.

There are so many signs that concerns investment frauds and we have to be familiar with all of them in order to spot and differentiate a fraudulent opportunity from a genuine one. Do you have the ability to differentiate an investment fraud opportunity when you see one? This article points out different investment fraud signs […]

What exactly is a Fake Review & How to Spot it

The dictionary defines a review as “an account intended as a critical evaluation of a text, an establishment, an experience or a piece of work.” Reviews are very important part of the buying or purchase process for every consumer. What happens when these reviews are made to manipulate our views? Because these reviews are meant […]

The Danger of Fake Reviews and How to Spot them Easily

When any product is reviewed, it means a user has experienced that product and either had a positive or negative feedback after the use of that product. Let’s take for example, before we download any software application, for us to know it will be of help to us, we scroll down for reviews, right? And […]

What exactly is spam mail? & How can I avoid them (Safety Guide)

Have you ever been going through your email and be like, ‘Hey! I don’t recall asking and/or subscribing to this’. It’s a common experience, Spam has to do with mail we did not ask for similar to phishing (which I have often spoken about) the oxford dictionary calls them unsolicited. So how and why do […]

Explained: The New Coronavirus Scams & How to Avoid them

Every scammer finds opportunity during vulnerable moments to leech people off their hard earned income and the covid-19 pandemic has been one of the ways since the sad breakout of the virus that these scammers use in luring their victims. Must Read: Everything You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Scams (Safety Guide) This article opens […]

Popular COVID-19 Scams and How to avoid them Instantly

The COVID pandemic has plagued and still plagues the world. Face masks have become part of fashion, viewers are scared of cinemas and other public gathering locations resorting to streaming services, stadiums and other places. Large gatherings only let people in after following all the necessary protocols but that’s a tale for another day. Scammers […]

Everything You Need to Know About the Covid-19 Scams (Safety Guide)

Here’s everything you really need to know about covid19 scams, the best outcome of people in the world has been brought out by the covid-19 pandemic; Checking on an elderly family member, making donations, knowing the importance of health workers and many more. However, just as we can see the good of others, there are […]

Everything you need to know about Social Media Scams (Safety Guide)

We have become less sensitive to the happenings and changes that has occurred on social media platforms even as the world keeps evolving. Sadly, we have put in less consideration to these changes on the platforms after being comfortable seeing these platforms as a site for having fun and connecting with people from different spheres […]