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RansomWare Alert: Android devices are under Attack!

If you have ever encountered a Malware or tried to delete or stop a virus spread, you will understand how agonizing to get hit by a virus/malware is, no matter how small the effect. These programs could be sitting silently on your device waiting for the right time to activate. Many of these malware are […]

See How many Subscribers 9Mobile lost in a month

9mobile is known for it’s network speed but unfortunately they have a downside which their data subscribers have been complaining about, for some months now. The only cheap subscription they allow their users to enjoy is their 1GB data for N200, which many users are still not eligible for. Related Posts…. Cheapest Data Subscription for […]

Cheapest Data Subscription for the Month of August

If you haven’t already subscribed to a data plan, you are right on time on our monthly review on what is the cheapest data subscription for the month. Always make sure to visit CyberTechGuide every month for updates to select from a range of special data subscription we review. We will be starting with the […]

GLO Data: Get 3GB for just N500 on weekend Plan

Majority of us, continue surfing the net with our monthly data plan which is not even enough to take us through the month. Even with the fact that GLO offers more data when compared to other telecom companies. It’s still very much advisable not to rely on your monthly data plan, this is why there […]

MTN Data plan: Get 4Gb for N500

Following the complains of MTN users about how expensive their data plans are, MTN NG has not just slashed down their data prices but also introduced more mouth watering offers to their subscribers. Some weeks back, MTN data prices were revisited and the leading telecom provider in Nigeria introduced new offers in which if truly […]

3 Swift Methods To Check Your Airtel Mobile Number

In this tutorial we will be providing you with 3 ways on how to check your Airtel mobile number, it’s the year 2019 and many bloggers have been unable to update their blog posts on the new way to check “own mobile number” particularly on the Airtel network. There are numerous reasons why a person […]