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How to Change Command Prompt Text Color – Pro Guide

Command prompt popularly known as CMD has so many important functions and features, We’ll be letting you in on a little trick today that will wow your friends and close buddies. We know you’ve seen a lot of tech movies where the geeky or nerdy guy in front of a computer and the text on […]

Understanding Command Prompt

A lot of peeps don’t have a clue about this amazing program just sitting idle on their computer, not to talk of making good use of it. Don’t worry, you’ve got me to keep you updated on both the latest trending Tech and old but important tech. I’ll try my best to detail any article, […]

5 Steps To Recover Files From Corrupted or Infected External Storage

This article will guide you on the steps to take to recover your files/data from a corrupted or infected storage device. It’s very common these days to get your external storage device infected with malware, virus and the likes of them. In fact I was in this exact situation some days back, I needed to […]