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How to get UBA Africard & Activate it Instantly [2023 Ultimate Guide]

In this article, you will learn the fastest way on how to get a UBA Africard here in Nigeria and best of all, you will learn how you can easily activate your UBA Africard Instantly.  I understand that the reason you found our technology blog is because you are currently finding it difficult to accept […]

How to Make Money on Facebook from Ad Break

How to make money on Facebook from Ad break: Have you ever wondered if you can monetize your Facebook page, Do you wonder if people even make money from having a good number of followers and traffic in general on Facebook. These and many more, are what we will be looking at in today’s article. […]

How to make money online via Ysense

learn how to Make Money Online via Ysense, Many of these online money making platforms are usually fraudulent websites, in fact 70% of them will only set you up on a wild goose chase and leave you with nothing but not Ysense.

How to start a Profit-Making POS Business Anywhere

Point of sale otherwise known as POS can serve as an additional source of income for an individual or even a full time business depending on your location. We will definitely get to the reason why we say a full time business with location as a major factor. There’s a 99.9% chance that you must […]

How to earn money via PayPal Xoom service.

Before diving into this post please make sure to check out our last blog post on how to send PayPal funds directly to your bank account worldwide using xoom. It will throw more light on this new and very useful PayPal service. Xoom has come to tackle the past issues of sending and receiving money […]

Xoom: How to send Paypal money directly to your bank account

In this tutorial we will be taking you through how to send PayPal money directly to your Bank account. The ability of payment system or a transfer system to be able to send money worldwide guarantees its worldwide usage. You will agree with us that PayPal has not made this feature easy for some countries. […]