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What is Blockchain Technology? Everything You Need to Know

It is no news that, money is increasingly taking on a digital form in today's world. Cryptocurrencies have emerged as viable alternatives to traditional fiat currencies in recent years. To know more about the advantages and disadvantages of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it is necessary to first grasp the underlying technology that gave rise to this monetary innovation. So, welcome to Cryptocurrency. We'll first start out by knowing the driving force of every cryptocurrency. Do not hurry over this course,…

A Letter to Nigerians From Binance CEO

A few days ago, Nigerians accused the cryptocurrency exchange Binance of unjustly suspending their accounts for no apparent reason, which we covered here. According to the CEO of Binance, who wrote a letter to Nigerians, the cryptocurrency market is booming. Dear Nigerian Binancians, The Nigerian community is one that brings me great pride. Since the inception of Binance, Nigeria and Africa at large have been very special markets to us and for crypto. On hearing the concerns raised by the community, I decided to write to…