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How to Recognize Phishing Scams and also Avoid Them

Have you ever gotten a text from someone or a mail and probably a call asking you for some personal information and then discover that the calls and mails were not actually from who you taught it was from; maybe your bank or any other sector that has could have very important and useful information about you? This pattern of scam is what we call phishing scams. Phishing scammers make use of email, text messages, or calls to trick you their target into giving them valuable information that is very personal to you.…

Everything you need to know about Romance Scam (Dating Scam) – Safety Guide

The Truth remains that Romance Scam has been around for so long, no matter how hard we try not to think that there are certain people who can go as far as pulling out this kind of emotional and heartless scam. There still is. The bitter truth remains that, even right now there is some one who is currently being involved in this "Romance Scam". Research has shown that this type of scam has been and will still be here for long. The greatest solution to romance scam is information, that is why we will not stop doing our…