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How to Find Your iPhone Even When it’s Switched Off

How to Find Your iPhone Even When it’s Switched Off is a question you shouldn't ask if after you are done consuming the bulk of knowledge in this article. The Find My Phone feature on iOS has proven to be extremely useful over time, allowing iPhone users to track down a misplaced (or stolen) phone, find it and even notify the authorities immediately from wherever you are. With the iOS 15 upgrade, you'll be able to do even more thanks to the newly introduced feature "Find my Network," which allows you to locate your…

Do This Right Now Before Hackers Hack into Your Facebook Account

Just recently, we've heard a large number of people complaining about their Facebook accounts being hacked. The most interesting thing to note is that the majority of Facebook accounts that are being hacked belongs to the elderly ones amongst us. It simply means that the older ones are at a disadvantage compared to the younger folks due to a very good reason. You already know what that reason is. Technological awareness. This is the more reason you need to follow us and like our pages on all social media…

How to Protect Your Instagram Account from Being Hacked

Receiving a hacking attempt on your personal Instagram account can be a frightening experience, especially if you and your business relies on this social media platform to generate sales, leads or just to socialize. In order to prevent your Instagram account from being hacked, you should take the following steps that we are about providing for you: After all, they say that the best defense is a well-organized offense! We have been able to summarize these defense into 4 safety guides to keep your Instagram account…