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Understanding Command Prompt

A lot of peeps don't have a clue about this amazing program just sitting idle on their computer, not to talk of making good use of it. Don't worry, you've got me to keep you updated on both the latest trending Tech and old but important tech. I’ll try my best to detail any article, to make it very much understandable for even a nontechnical person.    WHAT IS COMMAND PROMPT Command prompt popularly known as CMD (due to its executable file name) is a command line interpreter program, let me break that down. The word…

How to Back up Android phone contacts without any app

It's very agonizing to hear people talk about lost or misplaced contacts, believe me some contacts lost today might never be recovered. Thanks to social media that helps find and keep bonds; even so, some social media like Whatsapp still requires you to have contacts stored on your device before you can communicate. Am a huge fan of the saying that goes Any contact that brings impact should be kept intact There are quite a number of ways to back up phone contacts these days, but many requires downloading…