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Xoom: How to send Paypal money directly to your bank account

In this tutorial we will be taking you through how to send PayPal money directly to your Bank account. The ability of payment system or a transfer system to be able to send money worldwide guarantees its worldwide usage. You will agree with us that PayPal has not made this feature easy for some countries. This issue of sending and receiving money from one country to the other has been a major challenge in the past years, anyway Xoom has to come to take that burden away from you. This PayPal service known as Xoom allows you…

We bet you don’t know this about Command Prompt

Command prompt popularly known as CMD has so many important functions and features, We'll be letting you in on a little trick today that will wow your friends and close buddies. We know you've seen a lot of tech movies where the geeky or nerdy guy in front of a computer and the text on the computer is all green on a black background. The green color has a way of making coding look super cool and seem more technical. By default the command prompt has a black background and white text. In today's PC trick we'll be taking…

WhatsApp (Beta): Get updated features before anyone else

As we all know WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app which is readily available to many operating systems, such as the android platform, ios , windows phone and also to the PC users via WhatsApp web. Updates to this app comes quite often, but how do we get to be in the forefront? To be aware of these updates before anyone does? That is exactly what this post is all about. Introducing WhatsApp Beta If you are conversant with user testing, you will be quite aware that before any app is launched on the World Wide Web,…

GTBank: Deposit Without Filling Deposit Slip *737# Fast Track Deposit

GTBank just keeps making transactions as fast as possible; unveiling GTBank fasts track deposit, this quick guide will help you through the deposit process. GTBank fast track deposit allows GTBank customers to carry out deposit transactions without the need for their Debit or Credit card. *737# Fast Track Deposit Dial *737# with the phone number registered to the GTBank account you wish to initiate the transaction process. Input the command code 11(which is next). Select 6 (Withdrawal/Deposit). Enter the amount

3 Fast Methods To Check Your Mtn Mobile Number

Here is a simple and short guide on three methods to check our personal phone number on MTN. Due to the availability of numerous network providers present today, we have a lot  of network providers to choose from  and owing the fact that some have better offers when compared to others; ranging from data to call rates. One will decide to purchase more than one network, hence increasing the probability of not remembering your own mobile number.This is just one of many reasons we forget our personal phone numbers, if you

3 Swift Methods To Check Your Airtel Mobile Number

In this tutorial we will be providing you with 3 ways on how to check your Airtel mobile number, it’s the year 2019 and many bloggers have been unable to update their blog posts on the new way to check “own mobile number” particularly on the Airtel network. There are numerous reasons why a person would want to check or validate their mobile number, quite a number of persons have a lot going on in their daily routine to the extent of not been able to remember their own mobile numbers. This happens very often, there could be

Understanding Command Prompt

A lot of peeps don't have a clue about this amazing program just sitting idle on their computer, not to talk of making good use of it. Don't worry, you've got me to keep you updated on both the latest trending Tech and old but important tech. I’ll try my best to detail any article, to make it very much understandable for even a nontechnical person.    WHAT IS COMMAND PROMPT Command prompt popularly known as CMD (due to its executable file name) is a command line interpreter program, let me break that down. The word…

3 Reasons Why you should Screen Record

I know a lot of us are very familiar with screen grabbing or screen capturing but on the other hand, many persons don't even know they could actually record their screens. Not to talk about what screen recording is all about.      What is Screen Recording? Screen recording is the act of recording or capturing everything that goes on your device screen(which could be a mobile, tablet and even a pc) for a certain amount of time in a video format. Just like screenshot but the difference is that, while screenshots are images;…

5 Steps To Recover Files From Corrupted or Infected External Storage

This article will guide you on the steps to take to recover your files/data from a corrupted or infected storage device. It’s very common these days to get your external storage device infected with malware, virus and the likes of them. In fact I was in this exact situation some days back, I needed to transfer some files from a friend’s pc to mine, through a usb flash drive. When I was done copying, I plugged in my flash drive to my laptop and I couldn’t find my copied files anymore. Well there was no need to panic,…

How to Back up Android phone contacts without any app

It's very agonizing to hear people talk about lost or misplaced contacts, believe me some contacts lost today might never be recovered. Thanks to social media that helps find and keep bonds; even so, some social media like Whatsapp still requires you to have contacts stored on your device before you can communicate. Am a huge fan of the saying that goes Any contact that brings impact should be kept intact There are quite a number of ways to back up phone contacts these days, but many requires downloading…

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