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What exactly is a Fake Review & How to Spot it

The dictionary defines a review as “an account intended as a critical evaluation of a text, an establishment, an experience or a piece of work.” Reviews are very important part of the buying or purchase process for every consumer. What happens when these reviews are made to manipulate our views? Because these reviews are meant to assess how trustworthy and legitimate a business is through the various collective experiences of others. Trust in this day and age is a surprisingly rare commodity and these false reviews are…

The Danger of Fake Reviews and How to Spot them Easily

When any product is reviewed, it means a user has experienced that product and either had a positive or negative feedback after the use of that product. Let’s take for example, before we download any software application, for us to know it will be of help to us, we scroll down for reviews, right? And if the reviews we see are not positive, we tend to abandon the software for another which has a positive review right? We all are lovers of good reviews and that’s why businesses send screenshots of various reviews from…

How to Easily Spot Fake Scam Reviews on Top Trending Review Websites

In this modern day and age, pretty much everyone depends on the thoughts of everyone else and the real experiences of others, majorly when it comes to helping decide which products to buy and what services are appropriate to use. Not just goods and services, the movie and music industry suffer from this too. No one wants fabricated opinion of something they are interested in but rather true and descriptive opinions only. Facts show that majority of the populace use reviews before actually buying or using a service.…