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Are You Ready For Black Friday 2019 Deals?

Hey Friend, I'm very much aware that you have been waiting for Black Friday 2019 deals all year long. We have a total of 365 days in a year, but there is just one day set aside for the almighty black Friday. Well, it’s truly a day for freebies, discounted items, giveaways going for as low as pennies and kobos. You know what i mean. I'm quite sure, you are already tired of some of your old home appliances, smartphones, gadgets, clothes and so on. You might even have an old smartphone that rejects ordinary…

How to make money online via Ysense

learn how to Make Money Online via Ysense, Many of these online money making platforms are usually fraudulent websites, in fact 70% of them will only set you up on a wild goose chase and leave you with nothing but not Ysense.

Xoom: How to send Paypal money directly to your bank account

In this tutorial we will be taking you through how to send PayPal money directly to your Bank account. The ability of payment system or a transfer system to be able to send money worldwide guarantees its worldwide usage. You will agree with us that PayPal has not made this feature easy for some countries. This issue of sending and receiving money from one country to the other has been a major challenge in the past years, anyway Xoom has to come to take that burden away from you. This PayPal service known as Xoom allows you…

WhatsApp (Beta): Get updated features before anyone else

As we all know WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app which is readily available to many operating systems, such as the android platform, ios , windows phone and also to the PC users via WhatsApp web. Updates to this app comes quite often, but how do we get to be in the forefront? To be aware of these updates before anyone does? That is exactly what this post is all about. Introducing WhatsApp Beta If you are conversant with user testing, you will be quite aware that before any app is launched on the World Wide Web,…