7 signs to know your Computer has been infected by Virus

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How to detect a virus infection should be the next question we ought to ask ourselves, Have my computer already been infected and i have absolutely no idea about this or what are the signs to suspect a virus infection?
If you are just joining us, we have been on a Computer Virus series and you have probably missed a lot. Don’t worry the full package is still available to you, click on the link below to start off the course and then you can return here to continue.

We already made an article some time ago about how your computer can get infected by these malicious program, click the link below to get more knowledge on the various means these Virus programs can get access to your computer.

Just like any illness, early detection is the key to stopping a virus attack on your computer. As soon as a computer or device gets infected by a virus, the effect might not be all that visible while at other times it can be an instant attack. For those computer virus that do not start their attack immediately, they just lay and wait to be triggered by a certain process which we have earlier mentioned in the previous article. It doesn’t matter if the Virus program starts immediately or wait to be triggered, they are still very dangerous and they should never be joked with.

How to detect a Computer virus infection

Just as Illness and Diseases have their symptoms, there are certain signs a computer may start to display that should enable you detect that you have been infected.

  1. Lagging: This is a popular word used by techies to describe a slow and long delayed process on a computer or a smart gadget. Processes that shouldn’t take the computer a long time to execute now takes a weird amount of time, although sometimes this lag may be as a result of numerous heavily installed program files or simply an over load of your Computer memory. But take note if this suspicious lag is not as a result of the above then you have most likely been infected already. We advise that you install and run a system care software that clears temporal files, cache, recycle bin etc. This software should also be able to pin point the exact program that is using up more of your computer memory and processes. We earlier mentioned that a certain feature of a Computer Virus, allows it to replicate it self thereby choking up your computer memory and disk space.
  2. Unusual Pop Ups: When your computer starts displaying message windows out of no where and these message windows are not easy to close or terminate; something is wrong somewhere. All computer programs are built for easy accessibility and use by its users and when these programs do not respond to its users command, that is a big problem.
    There is a 90% chance that you have already been infected by these virus programs.
  3. Crashing: This is a term used to explain the failed attempt of a computer program to continue its normal process. When softwares on your computer starts crashing or stops abnormally, your computer may have been infected. Use a system care software to scan and clear cache of programs that are crashing on your computer.
  4. Restarting: When you PC starts experiencing an abnormal reboot or gets stuck at boot, it means your computer has been attacked by a Boot sector Virus. Boot sector virus usually damages boot programs and render your PC unable to complete its booting cycle.
  5. Inaccessibility: You may notice that you are no longer able to access some disk drives or folders anymore. You may also notice that some applications no longer open, this is an alert that a virus operation is in progress.
  6. Increase in file size: when certain files starts increasing abnormally in their file size, please check and validate these files. There is a likelihood that a Virus program has attached itself to the file.
  7. Some other times, virus operation may take other forms such as Slow booting, Slow shutting down, printing errors, distorted menus and so on.

It is advisable that as soon as you detect an unusual operation in your computer, you should be aware of an intending or an on going Virus infection.
If you are already experience any of the above mentioned signs, take a look at this article. It will go a long way in recovering your data

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