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WhatsApp Fingerprint Unlock Rolling in today

WhatsApp is rolling out the Fingerprint lock feature for Android beta users today!

There’s good news on the new WhatsApp update, The Social Media Company is rolling out Whatsapp fingerprint unlock. A lot of folks have always fancied locking their Whatsapp application using their finger print, well WhatsApp is finally making that dream come true.This new feature is already available for download.

One more thing this new update is only available for members of the WhatsApp beta testers. To find out more on what it is to be a WhatsApp beta tester, you can click on the link below.

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Requirements for Whatsapp Fingerprint Unlock

There are certain requirements set before you can enjoy these new feature

  •  Your WhatsApp must be updated to the new WhatsApp version which is Android Beta Version.
  • Your Android device must be running on Android Marsh-mellow or any new android operating system.
  • Your android phone must obviously have a finger print unlock sensor.

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How to Activate the unlock feature

Whatsapp Fingerprint unlock

  • Launch your Whatsapp Android Beta Version by clicking on your whatsapp icon.
  • Go to Whatsapp settings and click on Account
  • Tap on Privacy and you will find a new option known as Finger print lock
  • Click on the Fingerprint unlock and activate this feature.

Downside of the new Update

There are certain downsides to this new update if you are a person who is all out for privacy. We think the downside to this new feature is that:

  1. Anyone can still view your WhatsApp messages via the notification panel.
  2. Anyone can reply your WhatsApp calls through the notification panel.
  3. Anyone can answer your WhatsApp calls via the notification panel.

Although Whatsapp has tried to close these loop holes by setting an option for how long it will take before your WhatsApp automatically locks, using this feature.
Users can also set options such as immediate lock, after 1 minute and after 30 minutes. you can also choose to preview who sends you a message and the message text inside the Notification Panel.

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The Whatsapp Fingerprint Unlock Authentication is only focused on the opening of the WhatsApp application. Since Whatsapp makes use of Android APIs, it is safe to use this fingerprint feature because none of your information will be sent to their servers.


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