iPhone 11 2019: Specs, Price, Release Date And More!

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The new iPhone 11 has been the most anticipated smartphone version of the year and now Apple’s rival Samsung has already launched the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus as the best they have to offer for the year.

All eyes are on the iPhone 11,

Officially, the iPhone 11 does not exist yet. However, we believe we have a pretty good idea of ​​what we can expect from the next Apple phone due to a series of leaks and convincing reports. Continue reading for everything we know about the iPhone 11 so far.

Overview of iPhone 11

  • The iPhone 11 will enter the tech market on September 10 and will arrive in the store in the near future, maybe on the 20th September.
  • This will be the first iPhone to be launched with the iOS 13.
  • This will probably be the first iPhone to be equipped with three cameras on the back.
  • The new Apple A13 Chipset will strengthen it.
  • iPhone 11 may host the largest battery of the iPhone.
  • This may be launched together with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, so there will be a total of three models
  • It is still unlikely that 5G connectivity will be available in iPhone 11 this year.

iPhone 11 release date – When will the next iPhone be released?

Apple has a big launch event on Tuesday, September 10 which is tomorrow and we hope the iPhone 11 becomes the title.


The event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino and will begin at 10 am local time – 18:00 CET as usual.

Apple will be broadcasting this event online so you can actually track all announcements as they occur.

Apple usually offers smartphones on sale the Friday after a launch, which might means that the iPhone 11 will be available for purchase starting September 20.

Design and appearance

iPhone 11 specs price
Image Credit: Weibo

Apple is known for producing sleek iconic designs – but from what we’ve seen so far, the iPhone 11 doesn’t fit this description.

.Some leaks indicates that the iPhone 11 has a big impact on the back of the camera to house its tri-camera.

This hit looks much more bulged than the one on the back of Android flagships like the Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 and is highly debated among Apple fans.

The split screen was advertised by the iPhone X two years ago, but many Android makers have used it for better solutions, including editing teardrops, cropped cameras, and pop-up cameras.

But the speculation we’ve heard so far indicates that Apple will continue to be stubborn for at least another year, despite the fact that it appears on the screen and frankly looks a bit outdated.


As for display technology, in a mid-August report it was stated that the smartphone will use the same OLED panel material as the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10

And there is little reason to believe that Apple will deviate from that the same screen sizes of 5.8 – and 6.5 inches are currently used by XS and XS Max.

How much is the iPhone 11?

Apple’s sales seem to be declining lately, so raising price is a risk if the company wants to stay competitive. Currently, the price of the iPhone 11 is unknown, but in the UK it is estimated to cost around 999 GBP, similar to the price for the iPhone XS.

What colors are available?

Well, it’s time to speculate.

Invitations to the event include the multi-colored Apple logo, which shows that this time we can get a wider choice of color schemes.

Other rumors suggest that the original Apple Rainbow logo will return to give the new iPhone a retro look.

Some recent rumors suggest that the iPhone 11 can be displayed in a dark green color scheme – a refreshing change from the predictable black, silver and gold tones of the last few years  and that Apple’s symbolic logo might have been abandoned altogether. imagine!

iPhone 11 – camera


From the pictures we have seen so far, the design of the iPhone 11 camera module will definitely receive praise. The idea that it might be the first iPhone with three camera sensors reverses excite us with its capabilities.

According to MacRumors, one of these three lenses will be a wide-angle lens, the first for any Apple smartphone. It is interesting that this report claims that this sensor allows users to “fix” photos later and add objects outside the first photo frame – a very useful new trick based on an amazing concept.

It certainly makes sense if the new iPhone will receive three camera settings this year. Multi-sensor cameras have been a staple for Android flagships in recent years and the Galaxy S10 and Huawei P30 Pro systems that we saw earlier this year are the best we have ever seen – a significant stepping on XS and iPhone. Max X cameras.

Other rumors suggest that the front camera of the iPhone 11 might also have some new features. Obviously, the next iPhone can include a 12MP True Depth selfie camera for slow motion shooting.

iPhone 11 – Productivity and Software

It will almost certainly pack an A13 processor. There is no one outside of HQ Cupertino Apple who still knows the exact specifications of this new chip, but we expect a strong improvement over the Apple A12 Bionic, which supports the iPhone XS. In combination with the power of iOS 13 software, iPhone 11 must flow like oil.

According to Bloomberg, the A13 began production in May and is expected to have a 7nm building block as its predecessor. A 5 nm update is expected in 2020. Given the fact that the A12 is still one of the most powerful mobile chips in the market, it is believed that the iPhone 11 distinguishes itself from its competitors.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo estimates that the iPhone – like the iPhone XS – will have 4GB of RAM, but iOS optimization takes advantage of what appears to be relatively small memory compared to its competitors, which is increasing to 12GB RAM. the memory.

iPhone 11 – battery life, USB-C and 5G

Rumors (again) from Apple analyst Ming-Chi Quo indicate that the iPhone 11 will collect a large battery in April. We are talking about a 25% increase in capacity. This is our hope, but recent leaks indicate that capacity increases are just under 5%.

Bigger batteries are always good news, but we hardly expect change, unless the phone itself has improved power management.

However, this enhanced AC adapter seems to be powered by two-way wireless Qi charging, so you can charge your new AirPods 2 by placing it on the back of your phone, unlike Samsung S10 and Galaxy Buds.

Apple switched from Lightning to a complete USB-C solution for the iPad Pro last year and last year also adopted standards for all current MacBooks – changes that have created far greater compatibility for these devices. Unfortunately, Kuo doesn’t believe that Apple switched to charging USB-C on its cellphone this year – but hopefully the Lightning-to-USB-C adapter will at least be bundled.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed and see if Apple wows us or not. Be sure to check back as we will run a full review after the iPhone 11 is officially released.

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