Meet a Techie: Favy Ijomah, the fastest growing 3D Animator from Nigeria.

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Today, we have a rising sensation in the Nigerian 3D animation industry by the name FAVY IJOMAH.

We’ll be getting to know more about this talented rising star in today’s article, stick with us as we go on a little discovery.

First of,

Who is a 3D Animator?

A 3D Animator is one whose job is to bring inanimate objects to life through movements and feels. It is the responsibility of a 3D animator to make lifeless forms or objects appear to be alive and breathing.


Do you know that 3D animators can be found in a variety of media, such as video games, movies, television, and advertising.

If there are 3D elements present in a scene, there is almost certainly a 3D animator there to bring them to life, this is where our guest comes in.

Every 3D animated film since the very first 3D animated film “Toy Story” has had excellent 3D animators working behind  the scenes to give you what we call a cartoon or animation as the techies will call it.

The truth is that, if you saw their lifeless computer data form, you wouldn’t believe your eyes.


These characters appear to be alive and thinking to everyone watching it.

It is the animator’s responsibility to make the audience forget that these 3D objects are not even real.

Enough talks already, let’s move on to talk with our guest already.

Who is Favy Ijomah?

Let’s meet you;


Hi! My name is Favy Ijomah I’m a 3D Character Artist, Animator, and Game Designer. Creating beautiful characters and animations that people from all walks of life can identify with is something I like doing for a living.

Anything from teasers to reveals to short videos to game trailers to game characters, I’m up for the challenge.

What softwares do you use?

I use a plethora of software to work, 3d animation is a very cumbersome field and one software cannot do everything perfectly that’s why as a 3d generalist you need to know how to use several DCC softwares, for characters i mainly sculpt in zbrush.

Once I’m satisfied with the character I move over to 3d coat for retopology and UV unwrapping, I do my texturing in Adobe substancer painter 3d, if it’s a character that needs realistic human hair I use maya’s Xgen to groom my hair.

My cloth simulation is done using marvelous designer once all these processes are complete I rig and animate using Maya which is the industry standard for films,games and animation. I use the realtime capabilities of Unreal engine 5 to do my renders

what brought you into the 3d industry?

well as a child I’ve always loved to tell stories I’ve used every medium possible from comics to toys, from using copper wires to create mannequins to modding games to suit my story, I’ve always used any method possible.

I first knew about animations when i started modding games like gta San Andreas. but i didn’t pick any interest until december 2016 when i saw an animated video from a Nigerian studio i was really fascinated to know this can be done by a nigerian and thus started my journey into 3d animation.

I didn’t have a laptop then so I started watching tutorials on my mobile phone without practicing till 2018 when i finally got a laptop i practiced then but had to drop animation for a while due to school. After school i finally dived into 3d animation professionally sometime september 2020.

Work experience?

I have done some freelance jobs for few nigerian studios, I’ve animated a PSA for NDDC and Dettol, I’ve designed the throne for Micheal Ateke Tom a traditional ruler and the first Amanyanabo of Okochiri Kingdom and another throne for Chief Dumo Briggs Paramount Head of Briggs War Canoe House of Abonnema, the headquarters of Akuku-Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State.

I currently work with Limitless Studios a studio with it’s head quarters in Los Angeles, I have done freelance jobs for numerious studios in America like Bluelight animation studios Washington DC,Hood comics San Jacinto, California. United planet studios, Bahamas and my works have been used by companies in china and the UK.

How do you work?

Well, my creative process includes a lot of experimenting and exploring. The best works of art are the result of a never-ending cycle of experimentation and testing.

This is my goal: to push the frontiers of design and storytelling by experimenting in new ways.

What characters did you pick up along the path of being a 3D Animator?

I’ll say being Adaptable and also being passionate. I’m a quick study when it comes to learning new things. Since I feel that everyone you encounter has something to teach you, I am always eager to learn from new people and the many different perspectives they may provide.

What brought you into the 3D  Industry?

Uhmm, I’m a Big Fan of Using Movements to Tell Stories. I’m enthralled by the idea of bringing life to inanimate objects. From the casual bouncing ball to the intricate turns in a cyberpunk machine engine, I like to find the intention in movement of any degree and incorporate psychology into my work.

These innocuous, yet fascinating, movements serve as inspiration for me on occasion.

Tell us a brief summary on how you do this?

It’s simple, I think and create in Systems.

First, I focus on solving problems and then converting those solutions into well-structured design systems that can be implemented.

What advise can you give to upcoming 3D Animators?

Teamwork and collaboration!
When it comes to accomplishing great things, I believe that the power of the team is essential. I’m a big fan of working with other creatives, and I’m motivated by the unique talents of each member of my team.

Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from turning a blank canvas into a finished product

I have a strong affinity for characters and their inherent potential for solving unique problems and telling stories. I enjoy connecting with and empathizing with the brands with which I collaborate because I believe that by becoming passionate about their mission, I can use my creative design to add value to any brand or product and contribute to real change in the world.

As a dedicated digital artist, you should always look forward to new projects and opportunity to produce beautiful artwork while also learning more about the process of being creative.

So how can people out there reach you?

I’m super easy to reach, I make myself very visible all across social media platforms.

That’s it for today on MEET A TECHIE, till we come your way again, do well to sign up on our newsletter so you never miss uploads like this.

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