Amazing Top 5 Features in the GoTv App

We recently thought about reviewing the GoTv mobile application but lets talk about the amazing top 5 features that the GoTv app comes with. If you are making use of GoTv and you are not utilizing their mobile app, trust us when we say you are missing out on cool “do it yourself features”.

Features of the GoTv mobile App

1.Switching Subscription Plans: We recently found out that on the GoTv mobile application, you can choose to switch to another subscription package even while you paid for a different one entirely. The good news is, you don’t even have to pay for the entire amount of the new subscription package you switched too.

2. Renewal of subscription packages: You can instantly renew your subscription package through the GoTv app, it contains a tab where you can see the history of your transactions, your package plan and also when your subscription is set to expire. So all you need to do is click on renewal, this can be done anytime, anywhere. GoTv has also included several payment options in App, you can choose from the list of payment options the one that best suits you.

3. Fix common Errors: You will agree with us that a lot of times, errors pops up on your television while seeing a program via your GoTv. You don’t need to reboot or patiently wait for these errors to clear, simply launch you GoTv app on your phone and locate “fix”, now select the error that is displaying on your television from the list of available errors in your GoTv app and tap “fix”. In 5 to 15 minutes, you will no longer see such display errors.

4. Contact GoTv Customer Service: If you are facing some challenges relating to your GoTv package and you wish to contact them directly, you can do so directly in the application. This application offers several options to choose from.

5.Vote via the App: There’s also an in app voting feature, if you are a fan of show series where they ask viewers to vote for their favorite character, this will come in handy. No need to go through difficult processes, just log on to the app and locate the series and vote for your favorite contestants. For fans of big brother, GoTv has also made it possible to vote directly for your favorite contestant on the application, which you can find on the homepage. GoTV is also giving out 100 free votes to make use of only via the application.

we would love to know how many of our members are already using the GoTV mobile application, kindly comment in the comment box below.

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