3 Easy Methods to check your Airtel Phone Number

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How to check your Airtel phone number comes to mind immediately we encounter certain issues with our Airtel sim card that needs urgent attention.

This article might seem unimportant to some readers but there are certain times when we are hit by occasions that call for the knowledge of this article. There are so many ways to know your Airtel phone number we have already posted some time ago, but we will be listing out a few other methods.

If you are interested in the old way of knowing your Airtel number, you can click on the link below to take you straight to our previous post.

First Method to know your Airtel number

  • You can check your Airtel phone number by calling 121 with the Airtel number you intend to check.
  • You will be taken to the Airtel customer care voice line just be patient for a few minutes or even less and you will be asked to input certain numbers in line with your request.
  • Press 1 for the “Mobile services” option, and you will hear customer care voicing out some details about your Airtel sim card such as your Airtel phone number, tariff plan, data balance, and the time frame in which your balance will expire. Please note that if you do not have time or you are in a hurry, kindly skip this procedure.

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Second Method to check your Airtel phone number

This method requires that you have an internet connection available.

  •  Go to your google play store app and search for “MyAirtelapp” or you can click the link below to automatically take you there.
  • Download the application and in the homepage of “MyAirtelapp” you will find certain details about your Airtel sim card such as your Airtel mobile number, your data balance and quite a few other important information about your Airtel sim.

Third method

This method is a repetition of our last post on how to know your Airtel phone number.

  • Simply dial Dial *121#
  • A menu box containing numerous options will appear after dialing this USSD code.
  • From the numbered options.
  • Select Number 3 ‘Manage My Account‘.
  • Another menu will appear, Select Number 7 ‘My Number‘ and your Airtel line details will be displayed

Keep in mind that there are many other ways to check your Airtel phone number but these are the tested and trusted means.

Coupled with the fact that the network providers keep upgrading their services some already-known ways of knowing your Airtel phone number may no longer be valid.



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