Cheapest Data Subscription for the Month of August

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If you haven’t already subscribed to a data plan, you are right on time on our monthly review on what is the cheapest data subscription for the month. Always make sure to visit CyberTechGuide every month for updates to select from a range of special data subscription we review. We will be starting with the telecom provider which has the widest network cheapest data subscription

MTN cheapest Data Subscription

Earlier on, we released an article on how to get a massive 4GB Subscription Data with only N400 Click the link below to view the whole process.

or you can simply follow the summary below. Note that this data plan expires within 48 hours(2 days). We recommend this Data subscription to heavy data consumers and of course, to those who are looking to download huge files.

  1. Purchase a new MTN sim card and you will be eligible for a double data subscription.
    2. Dial *131*1*1*5# and you will be given 2GB data plus an extra 2GB making a total of 4GB, remember the validity is 2days and of course, we are not going to leave you data-less for the rest on the month.

How to Get MTN 4GB for N1000

You can still get MTN 4GB for only N1000 but just not on the same sim card. It is always advisable to keep a special sim card for daily or weekend data subscription and another for your normal monthly.

  1. Simply dial *131*65# to purchase 4GB for N1000. Though we have been receiving many complains in our WhatsApp group chat on how fast MTN data subscription exhaust. Click here to join our fourth WhatsApp group chat only a few opening remain. You can check your data balance by inputting the code *131*4#. Next on is the grand master of data.glo cheapest data subscription

GLO Cheapest Data Subscription

If you have been a regular member of CyberTechGuide, you must have come across how to get GLO 3GB for only N500. Click on the link below to view the post in details.

Although this is just their weekend plan but it should come handy most of the time for heavy data users and of course, to those who have large pending downloads. For the rest of the month we will recommend GLO 14GB for only N2500.

  1. First and foremost, make sure your GLO sim is eligible for the GLO OgaSim bonus. If not we highly suggest you purchase a new GLO sim card.
    2. There is no trick to this, simply dial *777# and follow the command prompt to enjoy this massive data. As usual, to check your GLO data balance simply dial *127*0#.

AIRTEL Cheapest Data Subscription

There is an ongoing triple data offer on the swift Airtel network, this plan allows you to flex 3 times your normal subscription for the same amount. It seems only new sim cards are the ones with all these huge benefits.

  1. Purchase a new Airtel Sim or you can make use of any Airtel sim card that is not up to 3 months.
    All new Airtel sim are likely to be on the Airtel SmartConnect 6.0 plan which gives you 100% or 3 times your data subscription and also 8 times bonus on every recharge.
    2. Recharge your Sim card to fully activate it.
    3. Now send “Get” in a text message to “141“, you will receive an instant message congratulating you on how you can enjoy 100% data bonus for the next 3 months.
    4. Now send “mifi” also in a text message to “141” and reload your sim with whatever amount you wish to subscribe with.
    For the next 3 months whatever data plan you subscribe, you will be rewarded with 3 times the value of your normal subscription and 8 times your airtime recharge.9mobile cheapest data subscription

9MOBILE cheapest Data Subscription.

The 9mobile subscribers are still stuck with their usual data subscription although there’s a trick to actually enjoy 2.2GB of data for as low as N350 but this requires the use of http injector. This is likely the only data subscription today, that doesn’t require a new sim card. Follow the procedures below to enjoy 2.2GB for as low as N350.

  1. Recharge your Sim with N350 and dial *200*3*3*2*3# to subscribe to the 9mobile social media plan which cost only N350, remember to opt out of auto renewal. To do this dial *343*5*0#.
    2. You should have your http injector ready or click here to download, also download this sub file, we will be using this to configure our http injector click here.
    3. Now tap on your already installed http injector application, click on the paper like icon which is located at the top-right corner. http injector
    4. This will open an option, click on import config and search for where you downloaded that sub file we talked about earlier (.ehi config file). Now click on import. http injector
    5. Lastly, tick the boxes DNS(Google DNS) and Start SSH. You are good to go, remember it is capped at 2.2GB. The cool part of this subscription is that it can be performed more than once.
    Always visit CyberTechGuide every month before you subscribe, we are sure to keep you posted on the best and Cheapest Data subscription for the month. Feel free to share this article by clicking on any of the social media icon, Sharing is caring!
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