Ntel 4G Data Plans, Price and Validity [Full List]

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Ntel 4G Data Plans, Price and Validity

In this article, we will be detailing all about the 4G Ntel data plans, price and validity.
Many Network subscribers have already been migrating to the Ntel 4G advanced network lately, due to their super fast call-connect times and high-speed internet access of up to 100 megabits per second (Mbps).
Ntel is really not slowing down on their incredible data plan offers, the new Ntel plans is available for every type of internet users ranging from personal use to business use. It is still quite unfortunate that Ntel is not available in most parts of the country.

Just in case you haven’t heard of Ntel, Ntel network is one of the most revolutionary 4G LTE network provider in Nigeria that boasts of a crystal clear Voice over LTE connection at all times. They deliver a super fast data speed of up to 100 Mbps. According to their history, they acquired core telecom assets previously owned by Nigeria’s national fixed and mobile operators (Nitel/Mtel) Natcom Development &, investment Ltd.

Ntel unlimited Data Bundles

Ntel Unlimited Data Plans Price and validity
Ntel Unlimited Data Plans Price and validity

Ntel offers unlimited data bundle plans which are not capped at any limit whatsoever. These data bundles comes in Daily plans, Weekly plans, Night(Month) plans, Family plans, 90 days plan, 180 days plan, and 365 plans.
Check the below table for the 4G Ntel data plan, price and validity.

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Ntel Capped Data Bundles

Ntel also offers the normal capped data plans that we are already familiar with but at a much more cheaper rate. The capped data bundle comes in 1GB, 2GB, 4.5GB, 10GB and 24GB plans. See the table below for the Ntel capped data bundles.

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Ntel Handset Bundles

The 4G network provides offers some classic and Max bundle plans which is capped at 4GB and 16GB respectively. The both plans are tagged at a validity of 30days.

Ntel Handset Bundles
Ntel Handset Bundles

Ntel Device Bundles

You can also purchase their Notion Mifi, Huawei Mifi or Huawei Router which are unlimited with a 30days Validity.

Ntel Device Bundles
Ntel Device Bundles

How to subscribe to Ntel data plans

Ntel subscription comes with a little twist, although very easy. To subscribe on the Ntel Network, simply log on to your “myNtel account“. You can also subscribe via quickteller, visit https://quickteller.com/ntel or you can as well walk into any Ntel customer shop close to you and subscribe to any data bundle of your choice.

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