Simple Home Technique to Repair a Water Damaged Phone

Simply techniques to recover any phone that falls into water

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This article exposes simple home techniques that you probably never thought you can use to repair a water damaged phone, you obviously don’t have to be a tech savy to understand the steps illustrated in this article.

Ever been in a situation where your mobile phone falls in to water and you have no idea on what to do. All you can think of is taking your phone to a phone repair guy.  Many phone users do not know that the more time they waste in getting a solution to this problem, the slimmer their chances of recovering their phones. The agonizing part of this whole problem is that, right there and then there is a simple home technique to repair your water damaged phone. There are also certain mistakes people make when they encounter this problem that leads to more harm than good.

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Mistakes you should avoid making.

Many times when a person’s phone falls into water, they panic and this panicking can result into them making certain mistakes that they should never make. The thought of how expensive the mobile phone is or what information the phone may contain, is likely to throw them over board.
These are what you should never do when your phone gets into water except if it’s a water resistant phone.

  1. Don’t try to turn on: Yes, you heard right, the first thing that comes to mind is to check if it still works but this is very harmful to the phone. If it was totally immersed there’s no point trying to turn it on, there’s a 90% chance that water has gotten into some vital parts already.
  2. Do not force the water out by shaking or tapping on it: Probably you have done this before, but it’s wrong. You are just helping the moisture to circulate to other parts, that may have not been affected yet. So do not shake or try to tap off the water from it.
  3. Don’t attempt to press any key: Some persons are very fast to do all sort of check ups on the water immersed phone. Just relax, the buttons are totally fine, they only got soaked.
  4. Don’t try to blow off the water with air from your mouth: We’ve seen quite a number of people try to blow off the water from their phones with air from their mouth. You should know it takes a degree of warm air to remove moisture. We doubt if you posses such degree of warm air. This will push some moisture to spread into vital parts, which isn’t helping to recover your phone at all.
  5. Do not charge the phone: Some common misconception people tend to make is that, if they charge the phone it will heat up. But no, do not charge it. Moisture is a conductor, you’re likely spreading electrical current to some part of the phone that was not intended to have such charge.
  6. Do not sun dry your phone: It will take a longer time to dry and giving the water more time to spread and damage your phone.
    The steps above all assist to the further damage of your device, take note of them.

How to fix a water damaged phone

Its time to to put the genius in you to work. Yes we know your phone has fallen into water, what are the counter methods to reverse this unfortunate incident. Take the first steps in the right direction.

  1. Turn off your mobile phone: Do this if the phone is still on, not by pressing the power button but by taking off the battery if it is a removable battery. If it’s not, then you can consider using the power button to turn it off.
  2. Take off the sim card, memory card and any detachable part of the phone immediately. Do not wait for any reason at all, because we are racing against time here.
  3. Try to absorb most of the moisture with a dry clean cloth by dabbing on the phone, from the screen to every part that your dry cloth can get to.
  4. If you have a hot air blower or a vacuum, you can carefully attempt using it. This should go a long way to speeding up the repair process.
  5. In a case where you do not have a hot air blower or a vacuum. You can skip to this next step, and also if you have also used a vacuum or a hot air blower also follow this next step. Immerse your phone in a Desiccant substance. Desiccant simply means an hygroscopic substance that is capable of absorbing moisture and causing a state of dryness, we are sure you have seen some desiccants probably in new shoes.
    Back to the matter, An ever ready Desiccant home substance is raw rice. Yes rice, quickly put your phone inside the raw rice. Make sure every part of the phone is thoroughly immersed into the rice, leave the phone inside the rice for approximately 24 hours. This depends on how long the phone was under water.
  6. Now put back your battery and turn it on. It certainly should come on right away. Peradventure it doesn’t come on, your battery could be damaged. Replace it immediately and power up your mobile phone. If you find this article helpful on how to repair a water damaged phone, kindly click on any of the social media icon and share with your friends.

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