Your Smartphone’s Light Badly Affects Your Brain and Body

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Do you know that your smartphone blue light, is affecting your brain and body? In this new age and technology trend, the addiction of smartphone is on the rise. In fact majority of smartphone users operate their phones deep into the night, there’s always a desire to check your phone one last time before going to bed when it’s very dark.
Studies over the years have shown that, this could lead to a serious health problem. We know how difficult it will be to stop but staring at your smartphone at night is not a good idea, especially when you do not understand the effects it’s already causing you.

Research has shown that your smartphone emits a bright blue light that enables you to see whatever is displaying on your mobile phone even if your display is set to the maximum. This bright blue light is powerful enough to affect our brain at night because it has been discovered that this blue light acts like the brightness of the sun. It causes the brain to stop the production of melatonin ( this is a hormone that is found in the body and it instructs our body when to sleep). This singular act can cause certain disturbance to our body system,  the lack of this hormone interrupts the biological clock of our entire system. It can lead to insomnia, which is the continuous lack of sleep and can also result to an unnatural sleeping cycle. Hence, lead to serious health issues.

Effects of Smart phone’s blue light

We decided to give a full breakdown of the effects of this blue light on the brain and body.

  •  Blue light affects your sleeping cycle and this disruption to your sleep schedule can leave you distracted and impair your memory the next day. Making you to forget events easily.
  • Smart phone’s Blue light can make it harder to learn as a result of a poor nights sleep.
  • On a long term addiction, not getting enough sleep can lead to NEUROTOXIN buildup which can make it even harder for you to get good sleep as time goes on.
  • According to research from Harvard Health publications, people whose melatonin levels have been suppressed and whose body clocks have been thrown off by light exposure are more prone to DEPRESSION.
  • This can also lead to OBESITY, by disrupting melatonin and sleep, smartphone blue light can also mess with the hormones that controls hunger and potentially lead to increasing obesity risk. Although this is still an ongoing research but there’s a possibility that bright blue light can lead to CATARACTS.
  • There has also been some evidence that blue light could damage our over all vision by harming the RETINA over time though more research is still needed to finally prove this.
Harvard Publications Blue Light Infographics
Harvard Publications Blue Light Infographics

Research has shown that the impact of blue light is more disturbing on children and teens compared to adults because they are still more vulnerable to effects of lights. It has been discovered that circadian rhythm naturally shifts during adolescence, this results into teenagers feeling more awake at night compared to adults.



There are ways to curb this effects of blue light even before it starts harming us, the makers of our smart phones and other smart gadgets have also installed certain features that counters the effects of this blue light.

  • First of all you can start off by reducing the brightness of your phone at night, leaving it totally bright is what amplifies this blue light effect.
  • Always turn on eye care feature when using your smartphone at night. You can locate this feature by sliding down your notification panel and clicking on eye care.
    smartphone blue light eye care
    Eye Care

If your smartphone does not posses these feature you can search for other available applications designed help solve this blue light effect. Examples of such softwares is Twilight, Twilight is available for only Android, iPhone users can make use of Night Shift. other applications that can solve smartphones blue light can be found from the below image. smartphone blue light eye care

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