Dstv and Gotv sets to slash subscription Fees in some African

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Dstv and Gotv is set to slash their subscription fees in some African countries, this will likely commence from the first week of September 2019.
Reports states that the African countries which are going to be enjoying this reduction of subscription fee includes Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Although each of the stated countries will be experiencing different reduction in their subscription fee rate.

The most reduction in price rate is coming from Dstv where Ugandan subscription will be reduced at about 30% rate. Kenya’s Dstv subscription is within the range of $5 to $10 which is really not that much. Their premium subscription will go for $75 instead of the previous $79 per month, Kenya’s compact subscribers will now pay $45 instead of the monthly $52 charge. The reason being that the different countries have their different cost structures.

No reports have shown any price reduction in other African countries so far.
Due to the high prices of Cable subscription fee so far, people residing in these African counties were earlier said to have switched to online streaming and TV such as Netflix, Show-max etc. We think DsTv has noticed the gradual but increasing cut off from their service and rapidly sought out an immediate solution.
GoTv on the other hand has tried out the reduction of their subscription fee but has not been officially announced.
In other African Countries like Mozambique, there has been a reduction fee on their Dstv bue, Dstv Grande+, Dstv Grand and Dstv Facil package.

Users of social media platform are already anxious for the extension of these lower subscription fees to their own country as well.

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