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WhatsApp Update: 3 Amazing Features Rolling In

Here are the new WhatsApp update that rolled in during the week, with the latest trends going around the globe about how Facebook Sets to Re-brand Instagram and WhatsApp, we are sure to expect more updates flooding in.
WhatsApp lately presented another update through the TestFlight Beta Program, bringing the adaptation up to
I generally prescribe to back up your chat data before refreshing to the new beta: if there is some kind of problem with the update, your messages are protected on iCloud and you can downsize to the point of reference form from TestFlight or App Store.

New WhatsApp Update

1. Saving of WhatsApp Profile Picture has been Removed
The ability to save your friends Profile Picture on WhatsApp has been removed.
As of late, someone revealed a means to bypass this security measure put in place to stop this by making use of the 3D Touch shortcuts. As soon as this process was revealed, it was instantly removed by WhatsApp. we think this is a means of WhatsApp to curb identity thefts on the platform. We already know how much the Facebook company detest identity theft, so this WhatsApp update didn’t really come as a shocking news.

2. WhatsApp is about launching the multi platforms usage with the same account.
With this new WhatsApp update individuals will be able to use the same account on multiple devices without WhatsApp logging you out of the other device. So let’s say your primary account is installed on your iPhone, you can still install and register the same WhatsApp account on your iPad without been logged off on your iPhone. The same goes for other devices that supports the installation of WhatsApp such as Android, Windows, etc. Although many users are utilizing WhatsApp web to use the same WhatsApp account across these devices but this is a total new upgrade to that feature.


3. WhatsApp Business to start sending media attachments via quick replies.
We already know about the quick reply feature of WhatsApp Business which allows users to send messages to anyone who messages them automatically. WhatsApp Business users can automate reply messages, which will immediately send to customers when they are actively online or when they are away but this new feature enables them to add pictures, audios and even documents to their already customized quick replies. We know are sure that more WhatsApp update will be rolling in,in next couple of months.

Please note that all the features we update here are from the WhatsApp User testing platform, so if eventually WhatsApp finds a bug or a problem with this feature they hold every right to not implement these updates to the general public.
You can join users testing program by clicking on the link below to get more information about the WhatsApp User testing program.

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