WhatsApp Pay: send and receive money via chat messenger

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Whatsapp payment feature

WhatsApp payment feature system rumored to be officially launched later this year will allow its users to send and receive money over their in-WhatsApp chat messages. Though this feature has been under testing in India since the past year, WhatsApp says that this feature will be launched in India and later to other parts of the world(the reason for this is because India has the most amount of WhatsApp messenger users).
WhatsApp Pay is aimed at making sending of money as easy as sending a text message, according to WhatsApp “payments services are critical to the acceleration of financial inclusions and bringing millions into the India’s fast growing economy, we can’t wait to provide this service to our users across India this year”.
With the new feature, users will be able to link their Bank accounts to their WhatsApp chat account via a Unified Payment interface (UPI) and by so doing, they can make payments straight to another users Bank account via their in-app WhatsApp Chat messages. This whole payment system is made possible through this Unified Payment System.

How to locate the WhatsApp Payment feature easily.

WhatsApp Pay payment system has been said to be a better alternative to PayPal when fully launched later this year. WhatsApp users can find the payment option in WhatsApp messenger by tapping on the attachment button placed next to the camera icon. This payment option will be placed alongside other features such as gallery, video, photos, locations etc.
Users can tap on the feature and a list of Banks will pop up, then the user can quickly select any of the Bank to which He/She already has an account with.
After selecting the Bank account, the user must verify that He/She is the owner of such Bank account and will now be able to send money across this social media platform.

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