3 Reasons Why you should Screen Record

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Tips on Screen Recording

I know a lot of us are very familiar with screen grabbing or screen capturing but on the other hand, many persons don’t even know they could actually record their screens. Not to talk about what screen recording is all about.

     What is Screen Recording?

Screen recording is the act of recording or capturing everything that goes on your device screen(which could be a mobile, tablet and even a pc) for a certain amount of time in a video format.
Just like screenshot but the difference is that, while screenshots are images; screen recording are videos.

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Reasons Why You Should Screen Record

There are many reasons why one will want to record his/her screen activities. I briefly summarized a bit below.


1. Give tutorials : The first reason why any one will want to screen record is to demonstrate a process, which is useful and he/she wants to keep it in a defined step; maybe for private use but mostly to assist others who may be going through the same difficulty.
Many Software companies and software developers, use this medium to enlighten their prospective customers on features of their developed software, whether old or new features available in their software.

2. Users testing/feed back: User testing is an online platform to earn money. It involves screen recording and reviewing websites and applications, so that the developers can know how their products or services relates with their customers. You can earn about $10 in a review of 10-20mins.
Also you can use this medium to send a feedback to a developer about their app. Some persons might not have the time to scribble down their feedback report. So, what do you do? Just screen record the error or a bug and send.

3. Record in-game play: For gamer lovers, you could actually record your in-game play and share with friends about your created game model, game stage, achievements, etc. There are actually online communities where in game play videos are very viral. You can search for them on YouTube and these dudes are actually making tons of cash by simply engaging in their hobbies.


There are still quite a lot but i think I’ve tried to summarize them under three topics.

Tips: Always remember to turn off all notifications during screen recording, to ensure privacy protection. You don’t want anyone getting their hands on important contacts, names, passwords etc.
If your recording involves audio(speech), make sure to isolate yourself from noise and distractions. You can as well get a good microphone which will help to reduce noise.

Some Pc/Android Software we can actually recommend are:

1. Az Screen Recorder(android) Download here

2. Du Recorder (Android) Download here

3. Camtasia (PC) Download here


4. Cyberlink power director (Pc) Download here

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