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WhatsApp Update: You Can Now Share up to 100 media files in Chat

WhatsApp just released a new update in their latest version of the green messaging app.

What’s new in this update? Well, you will be able to share up to 100 media(audio, pictures, videos, etc) in your chats.

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In an update by Wabetainfo.com announcing the beta version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp promised that users would soon be able to send and receive as many as 100 individual photos, videos, GIFs, or audio files in a single conversation.

I think this feature will enable people to share their albums with friends and family much more easily.

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How to send 100 media files on WhatsApp

First, you need to open the media picker and select more than 30 media in order to discover if this feature is enabled for your WhatsApp account.

If you can select more than 30 media, it means the feature is available for your account and you can select up to 100 images and videos, letting you better share your moment and memories.

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However, If you are unable to do this, just be patient as it will be made available to more people over the next few days.

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