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A Tribe Called Juda: Should You See?

Movie Info:

Brothers plot to loot a small mall with their mother’s help, but they are confronted with armed robbers upon arrival.

Movie Description

Genre: Comedy, Drama


Original Language: English

Director: Funke Akindele, Adeoluwa Owu

Producer: Funke Akindele

Runtime: 2h 14m

Production Co: Funke Akindele Network

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A Tribe Called Juda Trailer

Should You See It?

The movie “A TRIBE OF JUDA” is a captivating narrative that blends historical elements with fictional storytelling, rich character development, and compelling performances.
Now here comes the question, “Should You See It?”
Here are some points to consider before you see the movie

  • Its thematic depth
  • immersive visuals
  • emotional resonance

If the above points align with your interest in Movies, then this is a must see Movie for you.

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