How to Back up Android phone contacts without any app

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Back up android contacts without app

It’s very agonizing to hear people talk about lost or misplaced contacts, believe me some contacts lost today might never be recovered.

Thanks to social media that helps find and keep bonds; even so, some social media like Whatsapp still requires you to have contacts stored on your device before you can communicate.

I’m a huge fan of the saying that goes

Any contact that brings impact should be kept intact



There are quite a number of ways to back up phone contacts these days, but many requires downloading external app from the web. This guide will help you store up your contacts, first to your phone memory or sd card and then back up to wherever you choose but I greatly recommend Google drive, since you can quickly recover your contacts from anywhere in the world as long as you’ve got internet connection.


How to back up your contacts to phone memory

  • Click on the contact app on your phone or you may know it as phone book (not Dial pad).

Back up phone contacts

  • Goto option menu (three dots), you will see options like contacts to display, import/export, batch operation, blocked numbers, settings, etc.
  • Click on import/export. Under this option, you’ll find copy contacts from whatsapp, your Gmail, sim 1, sim 2, phone contact, etc
  • For a complete back up from both sim, you will have to copy contacts from both sims to phone memory first.
    To do this:
    click on sim 1 and then click on next.
    now click on phone contacts.
    repeat this process for sim 2.
  • Go back to import/export, click on phone contacts then next.
  • Choose your internal storage (phone memory) or sd card.
  • Now select all contacts and click OK/copy. A pop up message will appear, asking you if you’re sure. Lol Of course you’re sure.

  • Your contact list will be exported to “file: Phone storage/backup/contact/******. vcf” or
    “file: sdcard/****.vcf”. Depending on what storage you chose in step 6. That’s it
  • All done, Launch any file manager app on your device, goto phone memory or sd card storage. You’ll find your back up contacts in a .vcf file format.

You can either save this file to your computer or better still, your google drive so that whenever you need your contacts back to your device or even a new device, you can simply copy the .vcf file from anywhere you stored it, to your device.

Click on it and import to your device.

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