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Download GB WhatsApp APK latest version 2021 on your phone. GBWhatsApp APK’s new version comes with various new features. You can download the latest version from this blog. It i by far, the most popular mod version available today on the internet.

So let’s say you are already tired of the plain old WhatsApp, and you really want a change. Well, we’ve got the perfect WhatsApp mod for you today. In this article, we’ll be walking you through GBWhatsApp. Quite similar to the original messaging app(Whatsapp). GBWhatsapp allows chatting, voice, and video calls. The mod also lets you share your live location, files, contacts, and media files.

What Is GBWhatsApp?

The truth is GBWhatsApp is among the best WhatsApp mods that you could get for your current device. Many Techies knows that, this WhatsApp mod is a multiple-account-friendly mod and so much more. However, this mod cannot be downloaded via app distribution services like the Google Play Store. But you’re in luck as we have provided a download link below.



Just like other WhatsApp mods out there, GBWhatsapp has the original Whatsapp functions and features with additional cool features. But before we walk you through the details about GBWhatsApp, we encourage you to read the below Article!

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Point to Note: Many people may think or may have read that using GB WhatsApp can get you banned from the original WhatsApp. However, this is not true. You can easily use GB WhatsApp without actually getting banned from WhatsApp if you download from this blog Get the Anti-ban GB WhatsApp download links on this page.

Also, Note that GBWhatsApp can be downloaded to any Android device as long as it meets the basic requirements.


You can download GbWhatsapp for Xiaomi, GbWhatsapp for Mi, GbWhatsapp for Samsung, GbWhatsapp for Vivo, GbWhatsapp for Oppo, GbWhatsapp for Realme phones from this page.

All manufacturers of Android phones like Xiaomi, Mi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, etc. are supported.

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Features in GB WhatsApp APK Latest Version 2021

  • New base updated
  • Anti-ban update
  • Dark theme
  • Fixed Bugs
  • Hidden chat feature
  • Hide recording status
  • Add stickers from Google Play
  • Create, use, and share your own themes
  • Backup feature
  • Video statuses of up to seven minutes
  • Amazing tick styles
  • Change the notify-bar icon
  • Multiple GIF providers and more

Detailed Features of Gbwhatsapp

GB Whatsapp is designed with tons of features, and all those features you can use on your smartphone.


The following are the features of GB Whatsapp.

  • Auto Reply: Firstly, you can also use this auto-reply feature when you want to reply to any of your friends at any time.
  • DND – Mode: If you are using some other app on your Android phone and don’t want to get disturbed by Whatsapp messages then you can use DND feature to disable the internet connection for GB Whatsapp only, amazing right?
  • Text messages Broadcast: You can send Broadcast text messages to groups which is a great feature.
  • Filter messages: The GB Whatsapp is created with the Filter Messages feature which provides the user with an option to clear chat which can also filter your messages.
  • Anti-revoke message: Comes with Anti-revoke messages feature.
  • Share live locations: Additionally, the user can also share their live locations with friends by using GB Whatsapp.
  • Outstanding effects: Users can add outstanding and unique effects while sending pictures and videos to their friends and loved ones.
  • Revoke multiple messages: At one time you can revoke multiples messages.
  • Send Maximum Pictures: Additionally, as compared to official Whatsapp you can send more than 90 pictures at a time. Also, you can send 50 MB video clip and 100 MB audio clip to your contact.
  • Endless Themes: In this modified version of Whatsapp theme feature is also introduced. So there are so many amazing themes and Emojis that you can apply to your phone according to your mode.
  • Download Statuses: Another great feature of this app is that you can download the pictures and videos of statuses uploaded by other contacts directly to your phone.
  • Amazing Font: Are you bored from the old font? Then, with this feature, you can choose the font of your choice. Customize your favorite font with this feature.
  • Messages History: You can check the history of revoked messages from your contacts and groups.
  • Alter contacts: Alter the media visibility of a particular contact in your gallery.
  • Mark the unread messages: From the notification, you can mark the read messages.
  • Select all chats: With this app, one can select all chats at one time from the home screen.
  • Hide your status: The voice recording status can be hidden.
  • Best Image Quality: With GB Whatsapp you can send pictures of high resolution.
  • Log History: In addition, the user can see the log history of all your contacts.
  • Language: Another cool feature, with the help of this language feature, you can select the language from the default one.
  • Notification: This app also allows you to get the notification when anyone from your contact lists changes their profile picture.
  • Pop up Notifications: Another incredible feature of GB Whatsapp is that you can hide your pop up notifications of this app from your main screen.
  • Media Sharing: With WhatsApp, you can share all kinds of media, from documents to images to GIFs and videos. However, you are capped at a relatively small file size for this media transfer. With GBWhatsApp, this limit is increased to 700MB, a significant improvement for things like sharing long videos.
  • Full Resolution Image Sharing: While the image compression that WhatsApp performs may make sending images a little faster, the resulting quality is quite poor, especially if you want to use the pictures you send on other social media. GBWhatsApp allows for full-resolution image sharing. No more grainy or pixelated photos!
  • Pin Chats: Up to 1000 chats can be pinned with GBWhatsApp, instead of the usual three.
  • Call Privacy: Certain numbers can be blocked for certain times of the day, ensuring you have complete control over your privacy.
  • Stickers: Play Store stickers are available, as found in, for instance, Facebook Messenger.

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GBWhatsapp Vs Whatsapp

Status Characters Length Up to 255 Characters Up to 139 Characters
Document Sharing at one time 100 30
Media Sharing 50 MB 15 MB
Hide Last Seen Yes No
Status Copying Yes No
Documents Sharing in Pdf, Txt format Yes No
Languages Supported 45 130
Blank Messages Sending Yes No
Theme Changing Yes No


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How to Download GBWhatsApp?

Many people may not know the process of downloading and installing GBWhatsApp. If you also want to know the process, then not to worry. I will tell you the easy steps to download and install GBWhatsapp.

When you install the APK MOD, you can enjoy all the advanced features. Let’s talk about the steps!

  • Storage Space: Storage space is necessary for this APK MOD.
  • Allow Unknown Sources: Enable the unknown sources after opening the setting Tab.
  • Download: Click on the downloading button and download the APK file.
  • Install: After downloading, open the folder where you saved GBWhatsapp APK file. Tap on the APK file to install it.
  • Launch: You should launch the app immediately.
  • Login: Login your WhatsApp account and enjoy the fantastic features.
  • You can do it quickly, but if you have any problem with this process, then you can drop a comment in the comment box below this article.

Why Gbwhatsapp?

Why not, here are some of my personal favorite features, and why I love Gbwhatsapp!

Completely Personalize Themes:

Possibly the most preferred of GBWhatsApp’s newest variant attributes, with all the mods you are likely to have the ability to choose the theme of any part of the WhatsApp program, in the menus in the chat display, assisting you to make beautiful appearances which gives one of the most pleasurable experience.

Send Out Big files

Quickly amongst the drawbacks of making use of WhatsApp is sending the document.

Have a photo, song or video that you need to forward to a friend, but WhatsApp would limit you to sending a file greater than 16MB? GBWhatsApp latest removes this limitation to make sure that you can forward out anything you desire.

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Backing up GBWhatsApp Information

Backing up your GBWhatsapp can save time in regards to shielding the messages which concern you and grant you overall comfort to make sure your chats are secured and safe.

Two methods by which one can get back his/her very own files, helping you to continue to be in control.

Download GbWhatsapp

Method 1: Back-up GBWhatsApp with apk.

The initial strategy to consider will certainly be to support GBWhatsApp chat right through the program.

  • Open apk and also search Setting and then Chat Backup.
  • Click on Back-Up to save a copy of your messages along with your associated media right into your internal gadget memory.

Alternative Method: Backup GBWhatsApp with a pc.

Dr.fone – is the world’s best Android app information transfer alternative and also the handiest experience when managing your mobile information; including your own GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp backup records.

The program is simple to use, also in case you have extremely limited technological abilities, and you have the ability to send every one of your GBWhatsApp documents, such as chats, images, large-size videos, data, voice messages, and far more.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gbwhatsapp

What is GBWhatsApp APK?

It is a mod of the popular WhatsApp with extra features. GBWhatsApp is a modded version of the popular messaging app that you can download from his blog. This mod is among the best WhatsApp mods that can offer you amazing features that are absent from the official version and even other mods.

How can I download Gbwhatsapp?

Get GBWhatsApp on your mobile device by clicking here. Click on the download button to automatically start the download. The APK file will be downloaded on your device.

Is GBWhatsApp APK Safe?

I have been using this mod for years now for both my personal and business purposes and never faced any problems with the use of this app. I hope you will also enjoy the features safely.

How do I install Gbwhatsapp?

After downloading the APK, locate the file in your downloads folder or the folder where you saved it. Click on the APK file to automatically start the installation process. Please note that your mobile device should be running on the Android OS for it to be successfully installed. You might need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your device’s security settings.

How do I Update Gbwhatsapp?

To make sure that you have the updated version of the mod on your device, keep checking here for updates. Once an update is released, click on the download button to get the APK file. Click on the APK file on your device to automatically update to the latest version.

Can I Need to root my phone for this app?

Nope! No Need to Root Your Device

If I want to Backup then can I back up my data?

Yes, you can easily back up your WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Account ban OR Any Privacy issue?

No, This is a totally Safe app you will have the ability to control your personal privacy choices.

Can I use Dual Whatsapp On the Same Mobile Phone?

Sure! This app is developed for this purpose especially. so Enjoy!

Can I use WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp on the same phone?

Of course! You can use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp at the same time if you wish. You can even use other WhatsApp mods simultaneously, such as GBWhatsApp Pro or WhatsApp Plus.

Is GBWhatsApp safe for download and installation?

Yes. GBWhatsApp is just a modification of WhatsApp. It uses the same servers and is just as safe and secure as the official application. Your privacy and data are all encrypted and secured.

Can I use the same phone number for my second account?

No, you can only be logged in on a single account on one registered device. Since the second account counts as a second device, logging in will log you out on all other devices. Instead, you should use a different phone number for your second WhatsApp account.

Can I have two instances of GBWhatsApp with a cloner like Parallel Space?

Certainly. Nothing prevents you from cloning GBWhatsApp, the same as WhatsApp. This allows you to use both accounts on the same device at the same time, but you will still need two separate phone numbers.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro available on iOS?

Not yet, unfortunately. Development is ongoing, but there is no official word from the developer on if or when this is expected. However, Using an iOS emulator would allow it to be used.

What distinguishes GBWhatsApp from its competitors, like GBWhatsApp Pro?

The simplicity of the design and ease of use with GBWhatsApp seems second to none. The numerous themes available, as well as those continually being added, puts it ahead of its competition.

Download GBWhatsApp On Your Android Device

Downloading GBWhatsApp and installing it on your Android device is easy. Although the app is unavailable on Google Play Store, So you need to download it from the link below.

Conclusion on Gbwhatsapp

With WhatsApp mods growing really popular, there is no reason to stick with the messaging app’s plain old version.

Enjoy the functionalities of the official app with the added features on GBWhatsApp.

I am sure that you’ll enjoy using the modded version because of its additional features.

What do you think about GBWhatsApp? Download it now and let me know about your experience in the comment section below.

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