See How many Subscribers 9Mobile lost in a month

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9mobile is known for it’s network speed but unfortunately they have a downside which their data subscribers have been complaining about, for some months now. The only cheap subscription they allow their users to enjoy is their 1GB data for N200, which many users are still not eligible for.

The latest statistics provided by the telecom companies reveals that they have been losing their subscribers and not just losing their customers but this decrease has been constant every month. According the latest stats, about 310,924 data subscribers dumped the telecom provider for others in June.

On the other hand, MTN lost 178,103 subscribers. The telecom statistics shows steep drop from 52,433,020 to 52,254,917 in a span of 30 days.

The Grand master of data Globacom, gains about 196,816 new customers. This is a sure and understandable increase due to the huge data and calls benefit they provide their customers with.


Airtel has however enjoyed an increase of about 42,510 new subscribers, this is a lovely growth and a better result compared to the likes of 9mobile and MTN. From the telecom statistics, it’s crystal clear that the 9mobile network provider are the only ones facing a higher loss of their subscribers. We certainly hope they bring more palatable offers to the table and watch how the general public embraces them once more.

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