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Looking for the NEW DSTV Decoder prices in Nigeria? We have taken out our time to compile a list of all the DSTV Decoder prices that are currently available in Nigeria.

We have also included the prices of the latest DSTV Bouquet and Subscription Prices to make your search for DSTV Decoder and DSTV package prices a bit more comfortable.

Key Takeaway

  • DSTV is one the most widely viewed Cable Tv in Nigeria.
  • They have the highest Customer Base In Nigeria.
  • The Price difference of each DSTV Decoder is a result of the location of purchase, time of purchase, and the type of decoder purchased.
  • You will have access to all of the channels available on DStv, regardless of the type of decoder you use, but the stations you will see will be determined by your subscription plan.
  • The main difference between the DStv Explora and the DStv HD decoder is the recording function.

DSTV Decoder

DSTV DecoderIn our previous Article on Everything you need to Know about DSTV Cable TV, We talked at length about everything we are sure you do not know about DSTV Cable TV.

Make sure to check it out to get ample knowledge of your favorite DSTV Cable TV.


When you are in the middle of any conversation with friends about cable televisions in Nigeria, for all the right reasons, you can bet that the term “DSTV” must come up.

From the inception of Multichoice in the year 1993 until the moment they entered the Nigerian market in the year 1995.

It’s crystal clear that DSTV is one of the favorite Cable TV of numerous families in Nigeria.


During this period in which they are actively reigning and positively influencing the face of cable television in the country, it has always been clear that DSTV is here to stay.

Considering the excellent channels, entertainment, and information that DSTV provides you with.

However, DSTV was not the first cable television provider in Nigeria, nor will it be the last, but this brand has created a legacy for itself that will last a lifetime.

The picture quality, the large selection of channels, the exposure to world events, and a slew of other remarkable traits combine to make it one of the best cable TV systems in the world, and certainly the most comprehensive in Africa.

DSTV Decoder in Nigeria

It is no news that when it comes to cable televisions in Nigeria, DSTV has the largest customer base by far.


With the greatest amount of channels available, they also have one of the most flexible subscription packages and rates available.

Everything is somewhat simple when you have DSTV in your home.

They are offered in three different varieties: DSTV Premium, DSTV HD, and DSTV Explora.

Each of which boasts of having a variety of additional features and user controls.

Their channels broadcast live matches from all over the world, including champions league matches, premier league matches, and other major European league fixtures.

Music channels, educational channels, movie channels, children’s channels, and a slew of other options are available on the DSTV Nigeria Decoder.

In this publication, we’ll take a look at how much is the DSTV Decoder prices in Nigeria.

We will also take into consideration the numerous plans that are accessible on their various packages, as well as the prices that they are being offered.


Prices of DSTV in Nigeria

Like we earlier mentioned, DSTV is unquestionably the most widely used cable television service in Nigeria.

You may expect them to be among the top in the country due to the high quality of the channels they have, the exquisiteness of their membership plans, and the relative reliability of their cable signal is top notch.

They are offered in a variety of plans at a customer-friendly price if you ask us.

The most significant difference between these plans is the number of channels you have access to on a daily basis.

From a basic summary of the types of DSTV Decoder plans in Nigeria, we have been able to draw a quick summary below:

  • DSTV Decoder without installation goes for approximately ₦10,000.00 to ₦13,000.00
  • DSTV Decoder with installation goes for ₦13,000.00 to ₦20,000.00

It should be noted that price variations are caused by a variety of factors, which includes

  • The location of purchase
  • Time of purchase
  • The type of decoder purchased, and other relevant considerations.

Don’t forget that the installation of DSTV often comes with an installation fee that typically ranges from ₦3,000.00 and ₦7,000.00 in Nigeria.

Some might say that the installation of DSTV is one of the negative aspects of their service.

It is always necessary to hire a professional to properly install the dish so that it faces the direction where the signal is the strongest.

DSTV Decoder Types & Prices in Nigeria

DSTV DecoderThere are two primary varieties of DStv decoders, and the costs of these two products are vastly different from one another.

This is owing to the fact that the features of the two decoders are different.

You will still have access to all of the channels available on DStv, regardless of the type of decoder you use, but the stations you may watch will be determined by your subscription.

The costs of DStv decoders in Nigeria are listed below.

We divided them into two categories:

  • The DStv HD decoders and
  • The DStv Explora decoders.

1. DSTV HD Decoder Price in Nigeria

dstv hd decoderThis model is the most economical when compared to other DSTV Decoders, however, it is lacking in several fascinating features that would be advantageous to the user if they were included in it.

DSTV HD Compact Price

The DSTV HD Compact Decoder is priced at a range of ₦10,000.00 to 15,000.00

It comes with a DSTV Satellite Dish and a one-month DSTV Compact Subscription.

DSTV HD Compact Plus Price

The DSTV HD Compact Plus Decoder is priced at a range of ₦14,000.00 to ₦18,000.00

It comes with a DSTV Satellite Dish and a one-month DSTV Compact Plus Subscription.

DSTV HD Premium Price

The DSTV HD Premium Decoder is priced at a range of ₦19,000.00 to ₦22,000.00

It comes with a DSTV Satellite Dish and a one-month DSTV Premium Subscription.

Please note that you can upgrade to any other DSTV Subscription package after a while. 

You are not in any way obligated to remain with this particular package subscription.

2. DSTV Explora Decoder Price in Nigeria

dstv explora decoderThis is the best DSTV decoder to consider because of its features.

DSTV Explora Compact Price

The DSTV Explora Compact Decoder is priced at a range of ₦55,000.00 to ₦58,000.00

It comes with a DSTV Satellite Dish, smart LNB, and a one-month DSTV Compact Subscription.

DSTV Explora Compact Plus Price

The DSTV Explora Compact plus Decoder is priced at a range of ₦59,000.00 to ₦63,000.00

It comes with a DSTV Satellite Dish, smart LNB, and a one-month DSTV Compact Plus Subscription.

DSTV Explora Premium Price

The DSTV Explora Premium Decoder is priced at a range of ₦64,000.00 to ₦68,000.00

It comes with a DSTV Satellite Dish, smart LNB, and a one-month DSTV Premium Subscription.

Please note that you can upgrade to any other DSTV Subscription package after a while. 

You are not in any way obligated to remain with this particular package subscription.

What is DSTV SD & HD PVR Decoders

dstv wifi connectorYou already know that HD Decoder and Explora Decoder are two of the types of DSTV decoders that subscribers need to watch DSTV channels.

PVR is an abbreviation of Personal Viewer Recorder.

The main difference between the DStv Explora and the DStv HD decoder is the recording function.

Keep in mind that the recording function does affect the pricing of the DStv Explora.

DSTV has built-in Personal Video Recording, or PVR, into the Explora, which works well with your Zapper decoder for Xtraview, so you can watch two channels while recording two more channels, all at the same time.

Subscribers can use Explora to record live TV shows and have a better experience.

When a customer buys the DSTV Explora decoder, they can record up to 220 hours of TV shows.

Just imagine being able to pause live shows and start them right where you left off with a simple click of the button.

DSTV Explora has an “immediate replay” feature.

To use this feature, just press a button and the last 20 seconds of the show will be played back.

The HD PVR decoders can also rewind and fast-forward live TV and record live TV shows.

Not only can the Explora record, but it records in HD.

HD stands for High Definition, which means that when you record, you get high-definition recordings.

You will have to pay more for the HD PVR decoders, but they’ll certainly add value to your experience.

To make your HD PVR decoder more useful, DSTV now has seven HD channels.

Users of DSTV Premium who have HD PVR decoders will now be able to watch separate HD channels.

These are some of the HD channels that are currently available on the satellite TV service. They include, but are not limited to,

  • SuperSport HD 1
  • SuperSport HD 2,
  • SuperSport HD
  • MNET Premium HD
  • MNET Movies
  • Smile HD
  • MNET Action+
  • HD, Studio Universal
  • WWE Channel
  • TLC
  • Discovery Family
  • Africa Magic Showcase HD are also available.

To get the most out of HD, you may need to buy new hardware in addition to the HD PVR decoder.

DSTV PACKAGES and Bouquets Prices in Nigeria

DSTV PACKAGES and Bouquets Prices in NigeriaNow that we are aware of the price of the different DSTV decoders, it is necessary to analyze the various packages and plans that are available on these Decoders.

DSTV subscriptions have been made more flexible in order to suit people of all different backgrounds. Take, for example, the numerous DSTV packages that are offered in;

1. DSTV Padi

This is one of the most popular and cheap DSTV bundles available.

Viewers can have access to over 45 top-notch local and international channels for as little as ₦1,800.00.

NTA, SuperSport BLITZ, African Magic World, African Magic Yoruba, African Magic Hausa, E-Entertainment, AIT, SilverBird, and other top-rated channels are among those available in this Subscription package.

The subscription package now includes audio channels as well as video channels.

There are several major channels that are not included in the package, such as CNN, SuperSports 3, 5, and 7,  BBC channel, and a few more popular networks.

Furthermore, this package is not compatible with HD decoders.

The Price of the DSTV Padi Package is ₦1,850.00 per Month.

2. DSTV Confam

This is the next tier of service after the DSTV Padi subscription Plan.

This Subscription plan has been created primarily with the needs of the family in mind.

In addition to over 55 local and international networks, this plan provides you with access to channels such as CNN, BBC, African Magic (English), Euro News, ESPN Classic, Mnet series, Cartoon Network, and more.

It also includes all of the channels that are available as part of the Access Package subscription.

Additionally, you will have access to all 24 audio services that are available on the network as part of the subscription plan.

Popular radio stations such as Voice of America, Star FM, Ray Power, and others are among the audio channels available in this package.

The current Price of the DSTV Confam Package is ₦4,615.00 per Month

3. DSTV Compact

With the Compact package, viewers have access to all of the channels offered on the DSTV Family package, in addition to additional sports channels.

This package is especially well-suited for those who enjoy sports.

Over 60 local and international channels, such as BBC World, MNET Action, ESPN Sport, SuperSport 10, Sony Entertainment, and others, are available to viewers through the package.

Please note that this DSTV Subscription package is also not available on HD decoders.

You should take this into consideration when choosing a Subscription plan to purchase.

The current Price of the DSTV Compact Package is ₦6,800.00 per Month

4. DSTV Compact Plus

There is only a few difference in performance and features between the DSTV Compact and the DSTV Compact Plus, but there is an actual difference in the price.

Compact Plus adds more channels, the majority of which are sports channels.

It consists of SuperSports 7 and SuperSports 10.

Customers who purchase this package will have access to most of the English Premier League games as well as other live sports, including the French League, Bundesliga, and Spanish La Liga.

They will also be able to watch rugby matches, golf matches, tennis matches, athletic events, boxing matches, and motorsports.

The current Price of the DSTV Compact Plus Package is ₦7,900.00 per Month

5. DSTV Premium

This is the most expensive and luxurious DSTV bundle available.

This subscription provides access to all of the channels that are currently available on their platform.

The DSTV premium package includes over 85 channels, which is a significant number.

Mnet West, VUZU AMP, Discovery, SuperSport 3 and more channels are among those available.

This package is comprehensive in that it covers every aspect of entertainment, news, sports, history, and other relevant subjects in one convenient package.

The current Price of the DSTV Package is ₦18,400.00 per Month

It should be noted that the cost of these DSTV subscription packages remains the same throughout the country.

Only the pricing of decoders varies, and this is a result of the elements that we have previously mentioned.

What you should consider before buying a DSTV Decoder

As you are probably aware, there is a significant price difference between the costs of DStv HD decoders and the pricing of DStv Explora decoders.

We also mentioned that the features contained in the Explora decoder are the primary reason for the difference in performance.

However, we have also decided to provide a guide that will assist you in making the best decision possible when selecting a DSTV decoder.

First and foremost;

  • Need for Extra Features: Even though the features in the Explora make it easier and more convenient for the user, you might want to think about whether or not you really need these features, before you buy one.
  • Your Budget: When compared to the DSTV HD decoder, the DSTV Explora decoder is significantly more expensive. When deciding on a decoder, keep in mind that you will also have to pay for installation, which will cost you somewhere between N5,000 and N10,000 depending on your location, and if you can keep up with the monthly subscription payment. Take out time to think about this.
  • Channels: This is a great factor you will need to consider. Believe us, there is no way on planet earth you will be able to see all the channels. It is, therefore, very advisable to go with the package that contains your most frequently viewed Tv channels.

Where to Buy DSTV Decoder in Nigeria

After considering all we have to say about the prices of DSTV Decoder prices in Nigeria, we are now left with the question of where to buy a DSTV Decoder in Nigeria.

Let’s see the below places to purchase a cost-effective DSTV decoder.

Buy From DSTV

It is possible to order your decoder directly from the company’s official website, Click here.

DStv offers a service that allows you to pay for your decoder online and have it delivered directly to your home or office.

This may be the safest and most advantageous choice to explore because you will be eligible for better customer service.

Due to the fact that you will be purchasing directly from the manufacturer or distributor.

Furthermore, if you choose this option, the likelihood of purchasing a faulty or counterfeit product is significantly reduced.

Buy From Reliable DSTV Dealers

You can also purchase your decoder from one of the many DStv retailers located throughout the country.

It is simple to locate these dealers in any electronic market in your area; however, if you have any difficulties in finding a dealer, simply log on to the company’s website and select the “Find Dealer” option.

This will assist you in finding a dealer in your area without having to bother about it.

You can also utilize Google Maps in finding a reliable DSTV dealer closest to you, Click here.

Buy From Online Shopping Sites

Next, there are online purchasing sites such as Jumia and Konga that you can consider using.

The process is as simple as selecting the decoder of your choice and placing it in your shopping cart on the website.

After that, you proceed to enter your shipping information and make a payment (sites like Jumia allow you to make payment after delivery).

The package will be delivered to the shipping address that you provide to them.

When shopping on websites such as Jiji and Olx, you will, however, be required to see the seller in person in order to complete your transaction.

Where to buy Used DSTV Decoders

Below is a list of the best places to buy DSTV Decoders with incredible offers, make sure to check them out!

Advantages of DSTV Cable TV

Briefly, what are the advantages of DSTV Cable TV that make them stand out from the rest of Cable Tv providers in Nigeria?

  • DSTV has a flexible subscription rate, no matter who you are and your preference
  • The Cable TV has lots of local and international channels.
  • Subscriptions are available in various packages for convenience and comfort.
  • The channels cover various spheres from news, entertainment, sports, radio, etc.

Disadvantages of DSTV Cable TV

As much as there are numerous advantages, there will also be disadvantages.

Keep in mind that, the disadvantages of one person may likely be an advantage to another.

  • There are huge differences between the various packages available.
  • Installation can be difficult compared to other cable TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions on the DSTV Decoder Prices in Nigeria

There has been a bunch of questions we got from our previous post on Everything you need to know about DSTV Cable Tv, so we took out time to answer these in this particular publication.

How much is the cheapest DSTV Decoder?

The cheapest DSTV Decoder available is between ₦10,000.00 – ₦13,000.00 without installation and ₦15,000 to ₦20,000.00 with installation fee included.

What is the Cheapest DSTV Decoder?

The cheapest DSTV decoder is the DSTV HD compact Decoder

How much does DSTV Decoder cost in Nigeria?

DSTV decoder is from the range of ₦10,000.00 to ₦68,000.00 depending on if you are going for the DSTV HD Decoder or the DSTV Explora Decoder.

How much does DSTV HD Decoder cost in Nigeria?

DSTV HD Decoder is a total of ₦10,000.00 to ₦20,000.00 in Nigeria, depending on the subscription plan you apply for.

How much does DSTV Explora cost in Nigeria?

DSTV Explora is a total of₦45,000.00 to ₦68,000.00 in Nigeria, depending on the subscription plan you apply for.

How much does it cost to install DSTV Decoder in Nigeria?

It cost between ₦3,000.00 to ₦7,000.00 to install a DSTV Decoder in Nigeria, depending o your location.

How much does it cost to replace DSTV Decoder?

It cost the same amount to purchase a new Decoder.

What is the difference between DSTV Decoders in Nigeria

There are numerous differences between DSTV Decoders ranging from the price to purchase, the maximum amount of channels allowed, features of the decoders, and lots more,

How much does DSTV Premium Decoder?

The DSTV Premium Decoder is currently ₦18,400.00 per month, it comes with over 150 channels and a bonus of one free year of the Showmax video streaming service.

Our opinion

DStv, like other cable TV service providers, offers a variety of subscription packages that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual customer. Some of the local and international channels included in these packages are of high quality and would be difficult to find anywhere else, including on more affordable cable TV service providers. The fact that DStv is one of the most costly cable TV companies in Nigeria and Africa is one of the factors contributing to its high cost.

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