How to earn money via PayPal Xoom service.

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earn from xoom referral program

Before diving into this post please make sure to check out our last blog post on how to send PayPal funds directly to your bank account worldwide using xoom. It will throw more light on this new and very useful PayPal service.
Xoom has come to tackle the past issues of sending and receiving money from one country to another, gone are those days when sending and receiving money from other country was difficult and will require you to go through many phases and stress just to be able to send money across borders.

Earn Money via Paypal Xoom service

This tutorial is all about making use of Xoom referral program to earn a few bucks on the side. Xoom allows you and your friend to earn $10 PayPal or Amazon gift card reward so long as their first transaction is $50 or above $50.
Please note that the minimum transaction must be $50 and above without transaction fee been included.
All you have to do is sign up an account on Xoom by clicking on the link here here.
After sign up you can place a transaction above $50 or start sharing your referral link to friends and family.

What can i do with Xoom?

From earlier post we can know that Xoom allows many amazing features but we will be listing them below.

  1. You can send your PayPal money directly to any local Bank account worldwide(Citibank, Capitec Bank, Gtbank, First bank, zenith bank, etc)
    2. You can send PayPal funds to any pick up location worldwide.
    3. You can pay up your utility bills from the comfort of your home as long as you have an Internet enabled device.
    4. You can also reload your smart phones or a friend/family Smartphones from anywhere.
    5. When sending PayPal money to some certain countries using Xoom, all the recipient of the money has to do is to come along with a valid ID and the Xoom transaction number at any of the cash pick up locations to verify and enable him/her receive your PayPal money.
    Hope you find this tutorial helpful, endeavor to share with friends and families.
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