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Financial Freedom: The Passive Income route

Hello everyone, it's a privilege to be here today. I specially want to thank the organizers of this program.Thank you so much and may God bless you for having the initiative to Organize an Event such as this.My Name is Victor Ijomah, I'm a content curator, blogger, SEO analyst, web designer and a brand strategist.I always forget to add this one, maybe because I dumped my certificate somewhere while pushing for something more!I'm a graduate of Delsu from the department of Mathematics since 5years back.Let's start…

How to make money online via Ysense

learn how to Make Money Online via Ysense, Many of these online money making platforms are usually fraudulent websites, in fact 70% of them will only set you up on a wild goose chase and leave you with nothing but not Ysense.

RansomWare Alert: Android devices are under Attack!

If you have ever encountered a Malware or tried to delete or stop a virus spread, you will understand how agonizing to get hit by a virus/malware is, no matter how small the effect. These programs could be sitting silently on your device waiting for the right time to activate. Many of these malware are sometimes activated immediately you boot your device while others are constantly transferring your information such as login details, text, messages, chats etc. to the attacker. That is why it is very much advisable to be…

How to start a Profit-Making POS Business Anywhere

Point of sale otherwise known as POS can serve as an additional source of income for an individual or even a full time business depending on your location. We will definitely get to the reason why we say a full time business with location as a major factor. There's a 99.9% chance that you must have come across a First Monie POS business poster in one location or another. You will agree with us that the more populated a region is, the more queue you will find in the Bank and ATM stands in such location. This also affects the…

How to earn money via PayPal Xoom service.

Before diving into this post please make sure to check out our last blog post on how to send PayPal funds directly to your bank account worldwide using xoom. It will throw more light on this new and very useful PayPal service. Xoom has come to tackle the past issues of sending and receiving money from one country to another, gone are those days when sending and receiving money from other country was difficult and will require you to go through many phases and stress just to be able to send money across borders. Earn Money…

Xoom: How to send Paypal money directly to your bank account

In this tutorial we will be taking you through how to send PayPal money directly to your Bank account. The ability of payment system or a transfer system to be able to send money worldwide guarantees its worldwide usage. You will agree with us that PayPal has not made this feature easy for some countries. This issue of sending and receiving money from one country to the other has been a major challenge in the past years, anyway Xoom has to come to take that burden away from you. This PayPal service known as Xoom allows you…