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Tangi- Google launches App that teaches you Anything in 60 Secs

Google has recently announced the launch of an “experimental social video sharing app” which they call Tangi.

Tangi features 60-second tutorials and will teach you everything and anything.

Since the last decade, YouTube has been the Go-To platform for any form of the tutorials you might be looking for.


Now Google is about to change the world with its new app called Tangi.

The name Tangi is said to have been derived from the words “TeAch” and “GIve” to illustrate tangible things you can make.”

Nevertheless it is still an experimental app borne out of the Area 120 lab, which is specifically meant for short videos.

60 seconds video to be precise.

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You can find tutorials ranging from Art, Cooking, DIY, Fashion and Beauty, Lifestyle categories and many more.

Although The technology category is not yet included in the app menu.

Where Can I download it?

The app is already available for the iOS platform click the link to download


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while it’s not yet available on Android platforms but you can visit their site directly. Click the link below

We have no idea why Google had to bypass its own mobile platform and allow for iOS platform alone.
It’s really surprising if you ask me.

Anyway, the app is still under experiment, and I’m sure that if the app doesn’t meet Google’s expectation, they’ll surely shut it down.

But if it does, well we should be having an android application sooner than expected

What do you think anyway, Do you think Tangi will survive against YouTube? Let me know what you think in the comment box below

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