Fear (2023): Should you see it?

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Due to the contagious airborne menace, a much-needed break and celebration weekend turns into a nightmare.

Fear 2023

Movie Description

Genre: Horror, Mystery & Thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Deon Taylor
Producer: Roxanne Avent
Writer: Deon Taylor, John Ferry
Release Date (Theaters): Jan 27, 2023 Wide
Distributor: Hidden Empire Releasing

Fear (2023) Trailer


Should You See It?

A year into living through a worldwide epidemic, a group of friends gather in the isolated Tahoe Mountains, to stay in the “Historic Strawberry Lodge”.

What was supposed to be a relaxing and joyful weekend suddenly turns into a waking nightmare.

This circle of friends will be driven to the edge of extinction as the truth about the ancient lodge slowly unravels in front of them.


Looking for a movie that brings horror to your screen, well you are in luck.

As the name implies “FEAR” this movie brings out the horror in horror movies .So, if you are a fan of horror this is a must see movie for you.

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