How to Add NCDC on WhatsApp for Real-time Coronavirus Updates

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Coronavirus: Nigerian Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has recently launched its WhatsApp bot to keep Nigerians informed of the the day to day Covid-19 news.

Despite the Covid-19 causing huge devastating effects in the destiny of countries, NCDC has thought it wise to reach more people with the right information about the Covid-19 pandemic.

This WhatsApp bot from Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) provides you with the actual real-time information regarding the Covid-19 pandemic

It also gives out informations on how testings are carried out, and how many cases we currently have in the country.


Features of Nigeria Center for Disease Control WhatsApp bot

NCDC Whatsapp number

  • Get swift updates on COVID19NIGERIA news.
  • Get important informations on how testing is carried out.
  • Receive direct and urgent messages from NCDC.

How to Add Nigeria Center for Disease Control on WhatsApp

ncdc whatsapp number

Video Tutorial: How to get Real-time Coronavirus updates on WhatsApp

  • You can add NCDC on whatsapp by simply clicking  on this link NCDC WhatsApp Bot.
  • or you can simply add 07087110839 on WhatsApp
  • Refresh your WhatsApp contacts and send Hi to the number NCDC (07087110839)

You’ll automatically be registered to receive updates and also have an option to ask for more information as shown in the image above.

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