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In this blog post we are going to be explaining how to make money online via Ysense, many of Cybertechguide members have been asking in our Whatsapp group “how possible is it to make legit money online”. It is 100% possible, you just need to have the knowledge and dedication to start making money online.

What is Ysense?

Ysense is a GPT website, GPT simply means “Get Paid To“. GPT websites are online platforms that reward members for completing specific tasks online. Ysense is not a new website or company, it has been around for some time now though only few people have knowledge of this online making money platform. Ysense pays its members for completing online surveys, watching videos, taking part in a question and answer sessions and completing simple tasks online. Ysense is an easy way to earn extra income on the side.
Many of these online money making platforms are usually fraudulent websites, in fact 70% of them will only set you up on a wild goose chase and at the end of the day, they will leave you with nothing. Ysense has been in existence for more than 12 years now and been have ranked one of the best GPT websites available on the internet today. They have over $49 million payouts over the years as well as thousands of members from all over world.

Why Ysense?

Among the numerous online making money platforms available on the internet today, Ysense is the most recommendable due to some features such as:

  • Verification: Ysense is verified and is also ranked among the best top 20 making money online platforms.
  • Globally available: Ysense accepts members from any part of the world including African countries such as Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, etc.
  •  Easy Withdrawals: This is obviously the number one factor you should always look out for when signing up with any money making platforms. Ysense offers numerous withdrawal mediums which includes PayPal, Payoneer, Giftcards, Skrill and so on. As soon as you reach their threshold payout amount of $10, you can easily withdrawal your earnings.

How to make money online via Ysense.

If you have considered making money online with Ysense, there are just few steps to follow to get started.

  • Sign up with Ysense: Ysense registration is very easy, it takes less than 5 minutes to register an account with Ysense. Click here to create an account with Ysense.

    Fill in your email address and personal details and a confirmation message will be sent your email. Open your email and click on “confirm email“. This will redirect you to your browser.

  • Complete your Ysense profile: After Registration, locate your survey profile and fill in your personal details. The information you provide here will help to assign certain unique surveys to your Ysense account. Simply click on the Survey Tab, you will see a tab called “Survey profile“. Click on it and you will get a pop up message, type in your answer to all the required questions and click on “Close“.
  • Ysense Surveys and Offers: There are numerous surveys and offers to choose from according to what suits you. After your survey profile is complete, it’s time to start going on surveys. The amount of coins and earnings are listed alongside the survey, just choose the one you prefer and start your survey. There are other offers such as application downloads, video streaming etc to choose from. Video streaming usually have higher earnings when compared to other surveys and offers.
  • Update your Withdrawal Method: It will best to add a withdrawal method as soon as you start earning even before you reach the minimum threshold which is $10. Click on “withdrawal” or “Payment” and choose from the payment methods available. You can now fill in your payment medium, anyone that is quite comfortable for you.

Other ways to make money online via Ysense.

*Ysense Affiliate: Ysense offers a certain amount to people who refer others to join them via their affiliate links. You can start enjoying a 30% earning from friends and families that you invite. Take for instance, if your refer a friend who is making $100 weekly from Ysense, you automatically start earning 30% of $100 which is $30 weekly even without partaking in any survey or offers. If you refer more than 5 persons to join Ysense, you will be making a whooping 30% of whatever amount each of your friends are making. This is quite an amazing aspect of Ysense online making money platform.

Features of Ysense Platform

If you have already signed up with Ysense, you will be familiar with the below features.

  • Ysense Surveys: Surveys are usually in a question and answer form. Ysense will pay you to answer some already put down questions. Ysense surveys do not take large amount of time, within 5 – 15 minutes you should be done with a survey and your profits will reflect on your account in no time. You can even earns as high as $4 on a single Ysense survey depending on the survey you choose.
  • Ysense Offers/Tasks: There are different offers such as downloading of softwares, proof reading, playing of games etc they do not really require technical skills or experience to be able to complete these tasks. Although some tasks with better or larger payouts are generally more difficult compared to lower paying offers. They also offer App testing, this offer requires you to download, make use of a specific app and provide them feedback of the app usage.
  • Ysense Videos Offers: Under Ysense Video offers, you will be given several videos to choose from, just click on your choice of video and stream. We earlier stated that video streaming offers a higher amount of earnings. A lot of Ysense members usually enjoy video offers since they can both be earning money and also be entertained via this Ysense video feature.

This platform is very advisable to join and start earning additional money on the side. Just like every other making money business, if you are dedicated you are sure to make some really cool cash from Ysense.
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