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Tangi- Google launches App that teaches you Anything in 60 Secs

Google has recently announced the launch of an “experimental social video sharing app” which they call Tangi. Tangi features 60-second tutorials and will teach you everything and anything. Since the last decade, YouTube has been the Go-To platform for any form of the tutorials you might be looking for. Now Google is about to change the world with its new app called Tangi. The name Tangi is said to have been derived from the words "TeAch" and "GIve" to illustrate tangible things you can make.” Nevertheless it…

RansomWare Alert: Android devices are under Attack!

If you have ever encountered a Malware or tried to delete or stop a virus spread, you will understand how agonizing to get hit by a virus/malware is, no matter how small the effect. These programs could be sitting silently on your device waiting for the right time to activate. Many of these malware are sometimes activated immediately you boot your device while others are constantly transferring your information such as login details, text, messages, chats etc. to the attacker. That is why it is very much advisable to be…

Google Assistant can now read and reply WhatsApp & Telegram messages

Google assistant hits the tech world with an update of reading and replying of WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack messages. Google Assistant has always had the ability to read messages off the native messenger application and hangout but it always tends to skip the WhatsApp, Telegram and Slack messengers. Owing to the new update, those days are gone. Google Assistant will not only help you read from these apps but it will also assist you in replying them. To put this into trial, you can ask Google Assistant to read your messages.…

WhatsApp Pay: send and receive money via chat messenger

WhatsApp payment feature system rumored to be officially launched later this year will allow its users to send and receive money over their in-WhatsApp chat messages. Though this feature has been under testing in India since the past year, WhatsApp says that this feature will be launched in India and later to other parts of the world(the reason for this is because India has the most amount of WhatsApp messenger users). WhatsApp Pay is aimed at making sending of money as easy as sending a text message, according to WhatsApp…

GBwhatsapp: All You Need To Know

Many android users are not quite familiar with Gbwhatsapp while others just assume its just a type of whatsapp program that can also be installed on the same android phone with their official whatsapp. This post is meant to clarify your doubt and add to the knowledge of existing Gbwhatsapp users. What is GbWhatsapp? Gbwhatsapp is an android software by Omar, a programmer also a software developer. It is simply a modification of the official whatsapp which offer more features and ability to customize to the users

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