GBWhatsApp: Everything You Need to Know in June 2024

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Hey there, tech enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of GBWhatsApp, a unique spin on the WhatsApp we all know and love.

For some, GBWhatsApp might be a new term, while others may think it’s just another WhatsApp iteration that can co-exist with the official version on your Android device.

Well, this article is here to demystify GBWhatsApp and enrich the understanding of those already using it.

So, what’s GBWhatsApp all about?


What is GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is a masterful creation by a talented programmer named Omar. Essentially, it’s a modified version of the regular WhatsApp, turbocharged with a plethora of features and customization options that take your messaging experience to the next level.

Plus, you can spruce up your app with themes from other users!

What makes GBWhatsApp special?

Imagine having three WhatsApp accounts in one application.


That’s GBWhatsApp for you! Based on the latest WhatsApp version, it supports all Android devices and packs in features that are nothing short of amazing.

Here are a few tantalizing features of GBWhatsApp:

  • Ghost Mode: Hide your ‘last seen’, viewed status, and even read receipts (those blue ticks!).
  • Group Messaging Galore: Send messages to other groups.
  • Lock & Key: Secure any conversation with a pattern lock.
  • AI Secretary: Auto-reply feature for when you’re too busy to respond.
  • Recall & Revoke: You can retract sent messages from all recipient devices.
  • Distinction: Differentiate between mass and individual messages.
  • Media Freedom: Send a video of up to 7 minutes, 90 photos at once, and sound clips of up to 100 MB!
  • Scheduled Messages: Craft your messages and let GBWhatsApp send them at the chosen time.
  • No-Number Calling: Call or message numbers are not saved on your contact list.
  • Advanced Privacy: Lock WhatsApp with a password, control who can call you, and monitor profile picture or status changes of others.

…and many more enticing features await you!

How to get GBWhatsApp up and running?

Activating GBWhatsApp is a piece of cake. It follows the usual WhatsApp setup:

  1. Download GBWhatsApp here.
  2. Punch in your mobile number and wait for verification.
  3. You’ll receive a 6-digit code on your mobile number, enter this, and you’re good to go!

Got any burning questions or feel there’s something we missed?


Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and I’d be thrilled to help out!

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Happy texting with GBWhatsApp!



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