Sharper (2023): Should you see it?

A con artist targets the wealthy residents of Manhattan.


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Movie Description

Genre: Drama
Original Language: English
Director: Benjamin Caron
Producer: Erik Feig, Bart Freundlich, Brian Gatewood, Julianne Moore, Jessica Switch, Alessandro Tanaka
Writer: Brian Gatewood, Alessandro Tanaka
Release Date (Theaters): Feb 10, 2023 Limited
Release Date (Streaming): Feb 17, 2023

Sharper Trailer

Should You See It?

In a thriller that takes place among the mysteries of New York City, a con artist takes on Manhattan’s billionaires.

The action moves from the penthouses of Fifth Avenue to the shadowy nooks of Queens.

When nothing is as it seems, motivations are called into question, and assumptions are completely flipped upside down.

Get your snacks ready, sit back and relax as this drama will take you on a toll through the thrilling experience of a con artist who takes on a billionaire town.

Be rest assured that the movie “Sharper” will keep you glued to your screen and at the edge of your seat throughout the whole movie, making it a must see movie

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