Leave the World Behind: Should you see it?

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Rumaan Alam’s future novel serves as the inspiration for this family drama.

Leave the World Behind

Movie Description

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Drama
Original Language: English
Director: Sam Esmail
Producer: Sam Esmail, Marisa Yeres Gill, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Chad Hamilton, Julia Roberts
Writer: Sam Esmail
Release Date (Streaming): Dec 8, 2023

Leave the World Behind Trailer


Should You See It?

Two strangers interrupt a family vacation on Long Island with news of a mysterious blackout.

As the threat becomes more near, both families must decide how to best escape the possible catastrophe, all while coping with their own place in this failing world.

Heard  about the Rumaan Alam’s novel “Leave the World Behind” or possible read about it? Well, this is a movie inspired by that novel. So, expect that same vibes flowing from the novel.


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