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How to Find Your iPhone Even When it’s Switched Off

How to Find Your iPhone Even When it’s Switched Off is a question you shouldn't ask if after you are done consuming the bulk of knowledge in this article. The Find My Phone feature on iOS has proven to be extremely useful over time, allowing iPhone users to track down a misplaced (or stolen) phone, find it and even notify the authorities immediately from wherever you are. With the iOS 15 upgrade, you'll be able to do even more thanks to the newly introduced feature "Find my Network," which allows you to locate your…

What is Apple Digital Legacy & How to Set Up Easily

There is no doubt that you have a lot of information stored on your Apple devices and in even in your iCloud. Perhaps you'd like your friends or family members to be able to access your data and treasured memories after you've passed away (Although we all pray for long life). If that's the case, you can simply set up Digital Legacy as a backup solution. Here's how to do it. First and foremost; What is Apple Digital Legacy? Apple Digital Legacy is a new feature in Apple's operating system that allows you to pass on…