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GLO Data: Get 3GB for just N500 on weekend Plan

Majority of us, continue surfing the net with our monthly data plan which is not even enough to take us through the month. Even with the fact that GLO offers more data when compared to other telecom companies. It's still very much advisable not to rely on your monthly data plan, this is why there are data plans with the tag "weekend data plan", especially if you are a heavy data consumer and enjoy downloading a lot. Just key into the weekend plans during the weekend or better still purchase an additional sim since telecom…

MTN Data plan: Get 4Gb for N500

Following the complains of MTN users about how expensive their data plans are, MTN NG has not just slashed down their data prices but also introduced more mouth watering offers to their subscribers. Some weeks back, MTN data prices were revisited and the leading telecom provider in Nigeria introduced new offers in which if truly made use of, it will be enough to take care of your downloads. If you were not eligible for the MTN 1GB for N200, then you can simply enjoy this new package that allows you 2GB for N500.…

MTN Data: Get 1GB for N200 on WinBack Offer

It's an ancient news that the Grand masters of Data has discontinued their Data plan where their Subscribers get 1.2GB for N200 on the GLO network. Many heavy data users have been looking for an alternative Data plan that offers the same price to surf the net. Luckily MTN NG also offers the same Winback data plan, this Data plan has been around for quite some time now but only few users know about it. Recently some MTN NG subscribers are now complaining on not being able to utilize this data offer. We guess it won't hurt…

3 Fast Methods To Check Your Mtn Mobile Number

Here is a simple and short guide on three methods to check our personal phone number on MTN. Due to the availability of numerous network providers present today, we have a lot  of network providers to choose from  and owing the fact that some have better offers when compared to others; ranging from data to call rates. One will decide to purchase more than one network, hence increasing the probability of not remembering your own mobile number.This is just one of many reasons we forget our personal phone numbers, if you

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