How to start and earn from a Computer Center Business

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How to start and earn an income from a computer center business is not really what you can find online these days, many people fail to see the endless opportunities this business can create. Among the many searched trends on search engines today, “how to make money” always tops the list. Today we will be looking at how to start and earn a sustainable income from a computer center business.

What is a Computer Center Business

We can not talk about this topic without first explaining what a computer center business is. A computer center business is a business that involves the use of computing device to carry out a range of both professional and formal activities. When we say “computing device” we are generally referring to any device that accepts input(instructions), stores data(information), processes this information and gives out an output. The output is basically what people come to a business center to get. Any Business that involves the use of computer gadgets on a large scale can be termed as a computer center Business.

The Scope of a Computer Center Business

This Business covers a large amount of day to day business activities, about 60% of all business activities can be carried out by a computer. There are many businesses out there that won’t include the services that a computer business center can offers in their day to day activities, reasons being that   they did not take into account the amount of space this business requires or they did not budget the amount of money to acquire these machines. This is where you come in, delivering such service to them leads to an exchange that benefits you.

Services a Computer Business center offers.

Like we earlier established, there are many computing activity that can be carried out by a computer center business. such services includes;

  •  Binding, Typing, Photocopying and scanning of Documents
  • Graphics Designing such as logo designs, banner designs, handbills, Business card designs, event flyers. Notebook covers and countless others.
  • One Minute Passports
  • Internet services (Cyber Cafe)
  • Online Registration services.
  • Selling of Vouchers, Scratch cards, etc
  • Training Prospective students.
  • Offering Online Registration and many more.

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How to start a Computer Center Business

Going into this lucrative business doesn’t require you to have any computer related skill. As long as you have the capital and you can manage the affairs of a business, you are good to go. You only need to employ some persons with computer skills to kick off this business.

  • Layout your Business plan: Like every other business, you have got to have a business plan. Set out the amount you wish to start with, every other equipment you will purchase will be dependent on this start up capital. And as time goes on, you will surely purchase or replace with more efficient ones.
  • Location: Under location we will also be looking at the office in which your computer business activities will be carried out. Your office location matters a lot, a business environment is the best place to set up this business because you are most likely to be patronized on a daily basis. Another perfect location is near a higher institution, students and employees are always in need of the services you provide such as photocopying, project research, surfing the net and lots more.
  • Power Supply: Whatever activity that is going to be carried out in this business requires power supply, in fact this is the engine of the whole business. If you are in an environment of steady and uninterrupted power supply, it is still very much advisable that you get a Generator just in case of a power supply failure. This business involves the use of powerful machines, it is better to budget a Generator capable of supplying enough current to your computing machines. Also make plans for a regular check up and servicing of your power supply since it it the most important machine of this business.
  • Furniture: Furniture such as tables, chairs, desk and so on will help facilitate the comfort and overall look of your business center. Instead of buying tables you can meet a furniture maker and pay him to customize a long width table with demarcations. People enjoy surfing the net with a little bit of privacy when they are in public. This will go for a lesser amount when compared to buying already made tables. This long width demarcated tables will be where your computers will be placed, then you can purchase plastic chairs.
  • Appliances: First on our list under appliances is a Stabilizer, you don’t want your devices blowing up as a result of low, extremely high voltage or even a power surge.
    Next is a UPS capable of lasting up to 15 minutes, just to allow you save your works in case of an unexpected power failure. Other appliances a computer business center should have are Ceiling or standing fans, extensions cables, multiple sockets, etc
  • Computers: This is what makes your business a computer center business. You can now purchase the amount of Desktop computers you already budgeted before now, we advise you go for fairly used desktop computers just to reduce expenses and as time goes on, you may choose to replace them.
  • Colored Printers and Photocopying Machines: This is a basic necessity of a business center, you should purchase a large photocopying machine capable of making a tangible amount of photocopies in a small amount of time. This photocopying machine should also have inbuilt scanners just to reduce the cost of purchasing an extra machine. The colored printers will help to print documents that are required in colored copies.
  • Internet Routers or MiFi: These are devices that enables your desktop computers and other devices connect to the internet. Buy a standard router or MiFi that allows for up to 10 connections at once.
  • Registration of Business Name: Before now, you must have already settled for a business name. Make sure to keep it simple and focused on what your business is all about. Many people think any name can be used for a business, they do not understand that a business name can also affect your business in a positive or negative way. Pick a name that can always be remembered, it helps people to refer others to your business. Register your business with the corporate affairs commission available in your country, so as to avoid unnecessary issues.
  • Advertisement: Get a large and attractive poster to advertise your business, this goes a long way in broadcasting to people about the name of your business and also the activities that are being carried out.
  • Staff: The nature of this business requires you to have an extra hand. As time goes on, the number of your staffs keeps on increasing as your business gradually expands.

These are the basic prerequisite to start a Computer Center Business, what really matters is starting up.
You do not have to start with expensive equipment but with time you can replace the low budget furniture or devices you have purchased. There are other computer business center equipment which we did not mention but are still very much important. On our next post we will be talking about how to earn from a computer center business.

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