Ayoba: New Mtn Chat Messenger said to Rival WhatsApp and Telegram

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MTN Chat messenger Ayoba is here to unseat the famous WhatsApp and Telegram chat messengers, the Global telecom giant announced the launch of their social media platform in Africa not too long ago.
Ayoba is a new instant messaging mobile application that has a unique interface, Users of Ayoba can send and receive instant messages, chat along with friends and families, it has been said that Ayoba users can even transfer money via the application.

The developers of Ayoba learnt a great deal from other chat messengers and created the chat app to be small in size, due to this fact the application is optimized for speed and efficiency.
According to the African telecom giant, “Ayoba” is another word for ‘super cool’ which depicts the super cool nature of all other MTN services.

Although this chat messenger has been launched, it is not yet a finished product since it is still in the beta(testing and development) version. More ongoing features will be added to the MTN chat messenger as time goes on.

Features of Ayoba MTN messenger

Ayoba comes with some amazing features which every chat messenger should possess in this age and time of technology influence.

  • Media sharing: This is one feature that enhances communication, being able to share videos, images, documents and other media files makes for a great social platform.
  • Call integration: Users of Ayoba can call one another over their existing data connection just like the voice call on WhatsApp messenger.
  • User friendly interface: The App interface is so unique and user friendly, it has a simple navigation system. A total newbie to social media can be able to understand his/her around the application.
  • Contacts integration: Ayoba can import all existing contacts in your mobile device and instantly connects you to them. There’s no need searching for friends and families to connect with as long as you have their contacts.
  • In App Chat: Ayoba is a chat messenger, you can send messages and receive messages instantly. It also possesses voice messaging, so users can record and send voice notes to one another.
  • End-to-End Encryption: This is a feature that doesn’t allow a middle man attack, in the sense that no one can read or listen to you and your contact messages.
  • Group Chat: Users of Ayoba can easily create groups where they can chat and share media files with friends or families.
  • Share Real Time Location: Users can share their exact location to one another in few clicks without stress.
  • Message Anyone: Even if your friends have not signed up on Ayoba, you can still send them messages via the app. They will receive your messages regardless of if they have installed the app or not.
  • Channels: Just like Telegram Social media app, users of Ayoba can search and join channels to keep them updated. This feature promises to to keep you entertained and free from boredom.
  • Money Transfer: Users of Ayoba can send and receive money payments via the application, although this feature is still in development.

How to download Ayoba mobile App

For Android users, installation of Ayoba is just in few clicks. They can simply locate their Google play store and search for “Ayoba” and install it. You can also install the application via their website www.ayoba.me/ayoba.apk. The IPhone users are left out of Ayoba for the time being.
Registration on the platform is straight and easy just like the WhatsApp messaging platform.

  • After installation, you will be required to fill in your phone number. this will enable them verify your registration.
  • You will be sent a code to the number you used in registering, just type it in.

One major advantage of this social media platform to other similar social media platform is the fact that you can send messages to any contact on your phone even if they have not registered or installed Ayoba Chat Messenger.

MTN Ayoba Chat Messenger

There are so many features to explore in Ayoba and so much more on the way coming.
The app is currently on 500k and above downloads just from the Google play store alone and it has not even been officially launched in Nigeria yet. Just imagine the Nigerian base with over 60 million subscribers, we are sure they will be launching this application with an incredible promo since MTN was just awarded with a super Agent License by the Central Bank of Nigeria to help in promoting the Yello Digital Financial Services Limited program.

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