FG issues directives to investigate illegal data depletion

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The federal government of Nigeria has published a recommendation to investigate the illegal reduction of data from Network users all around the country.
One of the major complains on the lips of every network subscriber in the country has been the issue of Data depletion. It has been a popular trend on almost every social media platform.
You will find many bloggers posting about how to reduce data usage of many applications and even some articles go as far as teaching you how to freeze your applications, yet the reduction of data is still very much unexplainable. Some users associate data depletion with various network service providers, especially MTN and Airtel.

It is totally unacceptable to subscribe for a large data plan today and within 24 hours, your data subscription is simply no where to be found without downloading or performing any major data consuming activity. Research has shown that the monthly data subscription of these network providers doesn’t even last for a month. Users are seen subscribing up to 2 to 3 times in a single month, which is totally unacceptable.

The Communications Minister Dr Isa Ali-Pantami instructed the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) on Thursday to investigate Nigeria’s complaints about the unexplainable data depletion from Network providers.
According to Dr Isa Ali-Pantami, under his supervision, there will be a monthly meeting to track KPIs, KPIs simply means “Key Performance Indicators“. He assured the general public that he is here to help fulfill the people’s mandate and that everyone will be treated objectively.
We can only hope that the governments intervention will help solve the issue of data depletion.

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