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Operation Fortune: Ruse de Guerre: Should You See It?

When the sale of a lethal new weapons technology threatens to upset the international order, special agent Orson Fortune and his team of spies recruit one of Hollywood’s biggest movie stars to join them on an undercover assignment.


Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre


Movie Description

Genre: Action, Comedy, Mystery & Thriller
Original Language: English
Director: Guy Ritchie
Producer: Ivan Atkinson, Bill Block, Steve Chasman, Guy Ritchie, Jason Statham
Writer: Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies

Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre Trailer

Should You See It?

Orson Fortune (Jason Statham), a super spy, must track down and prevent the sale of a lethal new weapons technology possessed by millionaire arms broker Greg Simmonds (Hugh Grant).

Fortune and his crew hire Hollywood’s biggest movie star Danny Francesco (Josh Hartnett) to aid them on their globe-trotting secret mission to save the world, despite being reluctantly teamed with some of the world’s top operatives (Aubrey Plaza, Cary Elwes, Bugzy Malone).

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This is a movie that speaks for itself, with a Director like “Guy Ritchie” and casts like “Jason Statham, Aubrey Plaza and Cary Elwes” you know that the movie has to be added at the top of your watch list

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