Upcoming features: Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices at the same time

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WhatsApp on Multiple Devices -While we are on lockdown, WhatsApp is busy adding more features to its messaging app, and one of the most talked about feature expected is the ability to use the same WhatsApp account on multiple devices.

Though this feature is not yet available but according to reports from Wabetainfo. There is news already about developers at WhatsApp currently working on this feature.

This was discovered earlier back in November 2019, while skimming through with the latest WhatsApp beta APK, the team found more proof of impending multiple mobile device support.


This incoming feature was able to trigger different event messages in regards to multiple device support when a WhatsApp user’s encryption key is changed.

If we are absolutely correct, you willl soon be able to use your WhatsApp account on multiple devices like your mobile phone and your tablet at the same time.

Just for clarification, this is totally different from using WhatsApp web, where you need to sync your account using a QR code.


Like we initially introduced, this new feature would allow users to verify their accounts in the native WhatsApp messaging app on multiple devices.

This feature is still under development and we don’t know for a certain if it will function like WhatsApp web or like the normal WhatsApp on smartphones depending on what the WhatsApp developers decide.

If it eventually comes into reality, then get ready to face more security risk of being hacked and kicked out of your primary WhatsApp account except if the new development will come with its own security features.

Don’t get hacked out of your normal WhatsApp, make sure you enable 2FA.

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