Airtel and Spotify have partnered to provide Nigerians with free streaming data.

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According to Airtel Nigeria, the company has formed a relationship with worldwide audio streaming service Spotify in order to supply music fans across the country with daily complimentary data to access the Spotify platform.

Customers of Airtel who purchase weekly or monthly data bundles will receive extra data to use on Spotify, which contains over 70 million songs, including local favorites and premium material, without having to worry about additional data fees.

With 381 million monthly active users and 172 million premium customers globally, Spotify began in the country at the beginning of last year, allowing consumers to access its platform. The Nigerian audience will enjoy the content that has been enjoyed by millions of adoring consumers throughout the world.

When Airtel and Spotify announced their partnership, the company stated that Nigerians will be able to connect with their favorite artists as well as the music that inspires and motivates them no matter where they are: stuck in traffic, working out, partying, spending time with loved ones, or simply relaxing.


When Airtel customers purchase data bundles, they will receive complementary data that can only be used on the Spotify platform as a result of the arrangement.

Airtel is positioned as the network of the first choice for music, youth culture, and innovation and we are delighted to partner with Spotify to deliver sheer happiness at the fingertips of our esteemed customers across the country.

We believe this partnership will not only empower and reward our customers but will also enable them to enjoy themselves thoroughly as they connect to the artists and songs they cherish,”

said Efeurhobo.

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