How to Recover your Hacked Facebook Account in Less Than 10Mins

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How to Recover a Hacked Facebook account has been one trending question i keep getting everyday, so i decided to make a post about it.

One of the most agonizing experience one can ever have is, having your social media account hacked especially one as big as your Facebook account.

Believe me, it’s so agonizing and at the same time very painful.

What’s even more annoying is when Facebook does not really leave you with any simple process of recovering your hacked facebook account.


If you have never had your social media account hacked before, you will not be able to easily relate with what I’m talking about.

Sometimes these hackers may even go as far as start posting disgusting status, pictures, messages etc on your social media timeline.

Your friends might start thinking you are the one who is responsible for posting such content, I won’t even go towards the aspect of blackmail.

What I’ll do today is to show you a simple step by step process on how to recover your hacked Facebook account in few minutes.


How to Recover A Hacked Facebook Account

  • First and foremost type in this url into your browser
  • and you’ll see a Report compromise account page.
  • Now Click on the “my account is compromised” button.
  • You’ll be welcomed with the image below.

recover hacked facebook account


  • Simply type in your account username, email or phone number to find your account.

How to recover hacked facebook account

  • When you’re done filling in your information, click on the “Search“ button.
  • Now that you can see your account, you will be asked to type in your most recent or old password that you can remember.

recover your hacked facebook account

  • Quickly do this and head over to the next step.

recover your hacked facebook account


  • As soon as Facebook realizes that you are truly the owner of the account that you have provided and as such your password is genuine, they will take you to a “secure your account” page.
  • Where you’ll go through a few steps to change your password.

recover your lost facebook account

  • At last Facebook will display a “review the email addresses attached to your account” page.
  • Simply Tick the one that belongs to you and the others will be deleted immediately by Facebook.
  • Finally, Click the “next button” and you’ll have your account fully restored to you.

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